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Healing Trauma Series

Healing Trauma Series

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With our self-guided online course, you can access this transformative series anytime, anywhere. Watch the videos on your desktop or laptop with ease.

Trauma is a term we hear frequently today, arising from experiences like betrayal, loss, anxiety, depression, worry, and shame. It acts as a stealthy thief, draining life’s zest and causing deep, often unnoticed wounds that profoundly impact your life more than physical injuries. These hidden scars embed themselves deep within, creating core wounds in your heart that silently dictate your actions, emotions, and physical health, leaving you struggling to find peace and fulfillment. Recognizing and addressing these wounds is essential to reclaiming your zest for life and achieving the peace you deserve.

But what if there was a way to reclaim your joy and purpose? 

Elijah House Ministries and Sandra Sellmer-Kersten stand ready to walk with you through the complexities of trauma, offering not just relief but a path to genuine healing. With empathy and expertise, we are here to provide the teachings and tools you need to navigate your journey.

The Lessons:

  1. One Drop of Hope Left – Find the spark of hope that remains within you.
  2. The Many Faces of Trauma – Identify and understand the various forms trauma can take.
  3. The Devastating Effects of Trauma – Acknowledge the deep impact trauma has on your life.
  4. Prayer Ministry Demo #1 – Witness the power of prayer in healing trauma.
  5. How Trauma Affects Our Song – Discover how trauma silences your inner voice.
  6. How We Get Stuck in Trauma – Learn why it’s hard to move past trauma.
  7. How A Stronghold Develops (and How to Dismantle It) – Understand the formation of trauma strongholds and how to break them.
  8. Prayer Ministry Demo #2 – Further explore the healing power of prayer.
  9. The Trauma of Neglect – Address the unique pain caused by neglect.
  10. Praying to Release Trauma – Engage in prayers designed to release trauma.
  11. Corporate Prayer to Release Trauma – Experience the collective power of prayer in a community setting.
  12. Enrichments 1, 2, and 3 – Deepen your understanding and practice of healing techniques.
By engaging with this series, you will move beyond superficial fixes. You will embark on a journey of profound healing, discovering the person God always intended you to be. Imagine a life where trauma no longer holds you back! Picture yourself living with renewed zest, embracing your true identity. The Healing Trauma Series is your pathway to this brighter future. 
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