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These videos are particularly useful for people who are preparing to come to Elijah House for prayer counseling.

Basic Trust

John and Paula Sandford teach on healing wounds from fractures in a person's Basic Trust.

Healing Life's Hurts (Workshop I)

Recorded live at Toronto, CA on 6 May 2004. Featuring John Sandford and Paula Sandford. Healing wounds related to sexual issues

Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

John and Paula Sandford teach on healing wounds and sins resulting from childhood sexual abuse.

How to Minister Effectively

John and Paula Sandford teach Christians how to effectively minister to believers and unbelievers alike. Insight and instruction on how to counsel based on Biblical concepts, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Inner Healing from Childhood Traumas

John and Paula Sandford teach on ministering healing to those who are afflicted by prenatal wounds and sins.

Prenatal Wounds/ Slumbering Spirits

John and Paula Sandford teach on healing sins resulting from prenatal wounds, as well as causes and healing of the Slumbering Spirit.

Bitter Root Judgments & Expectations

John and Paula Sandford teach on how to receive healing from Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies formed from childhood experiences.

Hearts of Stone

 John and Paula Sandford teach on healing and transforming one's heart of stone into a heart of flesh that feels.

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