Our mandate is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, so that the children can turn their hearts to the fathers. What better place to start than with delivering inner healing to individuals first? To lead them to Holy Father, to help them understand who He is, and who they are to Him?  

We start with the head of the family – the man. We encourage men to rise up and to walk in who they are called to be. They are not the bumbling idiots television portrays them to be. They are loving sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers. What is a father? Why are they needed? What does it mean to be a husband? 

From there, we move on to women – daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. What does it mean to be a woman? Who are they? What is woman’s relationship to man? 

What is the role of a mother? Why is the nurture of a mother so desperately needed today? Then to the children. How should parents love their children? How can parents restore relationship with children – no matter HOW old they are? Restoring the hearts of children to their restored fathers and mothers has always been our mandate.  

Individuals – men, women, and children – make up the nuclear family; the building block of society. Healthy families make for healthy societies, and healthy societies make for a healthy creation in and with which we live. How can we thrive as a society? How should we as citizens of this planet heal the earth? In short, when we engage in restoring relationships, we end up restoring all things, as mandated in Matthew 17:11.  We care most about what God cares about, and that is to help create the deepest level of relationships, first with Him, then with each other.


Elijah House® prayer ministry was developed through the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford. It is pastoral in nature, based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit. Inner healing at Elijah House® looks for the root causes that lie beneath the surface of most problems. Bitter roots, as we call them, feed patterns in us that lead to broken relationships, habitual sin, and many other kinds of bad fruit. Once bitter roots are discovered, the prayer minister leads the seeker in prayer to the foot of the Cross, to forgive those who wounded him/her, and to receive forgiveness for judgments and other strongholds the heart has formed.

 how to change my life
 how to restore a relationship

Our team of highly-seasoned Elijah House® teachers impart principles of transformation and restoration through conferences, seminars, training events, and schools – locally and around the world. We offer Prayer Ministry Training through live and video schools to equip the Church for effective inner healing ministry. Facilitated video schools are offered throughout the US and Canada; they are currently our most prolific form of prayer ministry training as they offer the greatest flexibility and financial value. Elijah House® also offers an internship program for further training in the Elijah House® prayer ministry model. We also offer a school on prophetic ministry, and seminars/webinars on inner healing, the prophetic gift, and other topics.


Elijah House® is now a worldwide outreach with headquarters in eleven nations and counting – including the US, Austria, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Guam, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Several more are preparing to join us! We hear almost weekly of someone we have trained bringing inner healing and transformation to people in yet another remote corner of the planet. We are blessed to see those whom we have discipled now discipling others — in print, through teaching, and through one-on-one prayer ministry! And we are especially blessed by the two who, with God’s help, started it all…John and Paula Sandford.

Elijah House Global


Who could have imagined? The humble work that began in the Sandford home in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho in 1973 is now a worldwide outreach with headquarters in eleven nations…and counting! What began with just John and Paula is now an army of love, transforming individuals and families through inner healing, bringing wholeness to the prophetic, and healing nations. Visitors at their kitchen table who, after spending an hour with them, would tearfully ask the Sandfords, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” Several decades later, people are still asking the same question. Our table is a lot larger now, but there is still a place set for you. Come enjoy the blessings with us. Welcome to our house — Elijah House®.

John and Paula Sandford



John and Paula Sandford co-founded Elijah House®, Inc. in 1975 in response to the Lord's calling in Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11. They traveled extensively, teaching the biblical principles of repentance and forgiveness behind inner healing, highlighting the transforming power of Jesus' death and resurrection. They are considered pioneers in the prophetic and inner healing movements. Their vision was to reveal that which keeps believers bound in repetitive sin, by, as Elijah House® still says today, "evangelizing the unbelieving areas of the believer's heart." 

John and Paula sowed a deeper understanding of the Word into the Body of Christ, especially regarding the four spiritual laws, illuminating the biblical truth that these laws are just as certain as the law of gravity in how they affect our lives.

Their work in the Kingdom has brought transformation and reconciliation to countless thousands, from individuals and families 
to denominations and people groups, and most ultimately, with The Father. 

John graduated from seminary with an M. Div. in Religion and Personality. He pastored churches in Illinois, Kansas, and Idaho for 21 years before founding Elijah House®. Paula was active in these churches in music and Christian education, and also taught English and Spanish in public high school for several years. She joined her husband in the team ministry of Elijah House from its beginning and was ordained in 1995.

John and Paula experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit in 1958, which enriched their ministry for many years. They were married in 1951 and have six children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Paula went to be with the Lord in May of 2012.  John ran into the arms of Jesus on Good Friday, March 30, 2018.

Marte Pierson, whom John married in 2015, is a great blessing and comfort to us all. She continues to be an active voice in Elijah House®.

Thank you, John and Paula, and now Marte. Because of you, our story has just begun!

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