Now YOU Can Help Equip More Healers

More Healers. More Heart Healing. More Peace & Freedom.

Empower the healers

Donate to help a student be trained in prayer ministry.

Increase heart healing

More people get heart healing and are equipped to help others.

Bring peace & freedom

Together we can bring God’s love to a world full of brokenhearted people.

Too Much Pain, Too Little Help

Today’s world needs so much healing. People are stuck. They feel lost, discouraged…hopeless. Many are trapped in endless cycles of pain—emotionally, mentally, physically. There is way too much need and far too little help. We can’t do this alone. We need more healers!

Feeling Stuck

People are stuck. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to get past the issues causing their suffering.

Feeling Lost

With so much confusion and false hope in the world, people feel lost and uncertain of who they really are.

Feeling Hopeless

Depression, addiction, divorce, even suicide. Too many are without hope and full of despair.

Isaiah 61:1

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners..." (NIV)

Together We Can Bring Heart Healing

Donate to the Elijah House Scholarship Fund and help transform the world!
Train More Healers
 We want EVERYONE who feels called to this heart healing work to be trained and equipped, so more and more healing can come to every country, home, and individual.
Help Spread Peace & Freedom
So many things in the world rob us of peace and hold us back. A healed heart means God’s rest and a life full of peace and freedom.
Heal More Hearts
The more hearts healed the more people fully alive to spread God's love to a lost and broken world desperately in need of His healing touch, and ultimately to HIS glory.
Further God's Heart Healing Movement
God’s heart is to restore. Every healed heart creates a ripple effect—more people walking in the fullness of who He created them to be.
Student Testimonials
"This has set me free in ways I could not have imagined. I have a peace and a confidence in who God created me to be. I am so thankful to Elijah House."
Fran W.
"It was a deep dive into my heart which required a new level of surrender. I'm now walking in more freedom than I have found in years of counseling."
 Alyssa F.
"Opened my heart, blew my mind, and set my spirit free in ways that no training in prayer ministry has ever touched before."
Gigi B.

Watch the Video to find out more

Our Director of Operations explains how YOU can be a part of this heart healing movement.

Click the button below to donate to our Scholarship Fund today!  Have questions? We've got answers. Scroll down for more.

3 steps to help equip more healers!

We've made it simple so your donation is utilized right where it counts.

  1. Donate to our Scholarship Fund
Your donation will help fund a student who feels called to prayer ministry.
  1. Train more healers
Each student gets trained in prayer ministry and heart healing work.
  1. Heal more hearts
The student discovers the path to their true identity and helps others do the same.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Elijah House Scholarship Fund?

The Elijah House scholarship fund exists to make it easier for people to go through our schools. All around the world, people are feeling stuck, lost, even hopeless, or they know someone who is. Through our Elijah House Schools of Heart Healing, they can find healing and help others do the same.

Our goal with this scholarship fund is to remove roadblocks so more people can find healing. We want to develop the healers—because the world needs more healers.

Note: We are not offering a full-ride scholarship to any of our schools. There will be some cost involved for each student, because this helps the student own what they are learning and apply the freedom they have gained through the school.

How will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Your donation is tax deductible. We will keep track of your donations throughout the year and send you a donation letter at the end of the year.

We receive donations through PayPal, and at any point in the year, you can log into PayPal and see how much money you have donated to our scholarship fund.

Can I donate on a monthly basis?

Absolutely! Simply choose the recurring donation option in the donation checkout process.

Can I go through the Elijah House Training as well?
How can I get scholarship funding?

Click the button below to donate to our Scholarship Fund today!  Have questions? We've got answers. Scroll down for more.

Can I donate to support Elijah House in other ways?

Yes! Elijah House appreciates all donations - whether for our Scholarship Fund, other initiatives or to help Elijah House in general - simply click the 'donate today' button below.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to donating, and we are so grateful that you are considering supporting Elijah House. 


Thank you for your contributions! Elijah House, Inc. is an exempt organization as described in section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All tithes, offerings, or donations of any kind are tax deductible under section 170(c)(2). Donating to this organization constitutes your agreement to relinquish control in accordance with IRS regulation. EIN 51-0179820.

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