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  • Healing the Hearts of Our Children DVD Series

    Healing the Hearts of Our Children is a fresh illustrated video series developed by author and teacher Mark Sandford to assist parents with healing their children's hearts - at any...
    From $29.98
  • Healing Trauma 2013 DVD Package

    Sandra Sellmer-Kersten has effectively ministered this series of teachings in many parts of the world.  It is now available as a set suitable for small groups and individual sessions.  This...
    From $62.48
  • The Blessing of Being Offended DVD

    Robert and Kathie Fetveit punctuate the blessings of being offended in this unique benchmark teaching. DVD only, 48 minutes.
    From $6.50
  • Basic School Favorites Collection One

    Basic School Favorites Collection 1 features John and Paula Sandford in their classic team teaching style. This collection includes the lessons: Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry, Bitter Roots, Basic...
    From $22.48
  • Identity and Destiny DVD Set

    Veteran Prayer Minister Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing six lesson series! These lessons not only describe our...
    From $37.48
  • Overcoming Anger DVD Package

    Patterns of rage, explosive outbursts, and seething anger may seem like an insurmountable mountain that doesn't move or go away no matter how hard you try or how much you...
    From $49.95
  • Grief DVD

    In this teaching Mark Sandford reveals how to facilitate the grieving process in prayer and identifying the root issues that may have prevented appropriate grieving.
    From $6.50
  • Hearing and Proclaiming from a Christian Paradigm DVD

    Jesus is both fully divine and fully human. His words are simultaneously spiritual and earthy (not worldly). This affects the way we hear and proclaim prophetic words. In this lesson,...
    From $6.50
  • Protection and Discipline for Prophetic People DVD

    Why is there so much false prophecy today? How should we discipline an erring prophet? It is important to understand what prophetic people come up against, where hindrances come from...
    From $6.50
  • Reconciling Heart and Mind DVD

    What is the difference between living from the head and living from the heart? Why do some people soak up love while others are unable to accept or even feel...
    From $6.50
  • Spiritual Warfare and Renewal of the Mind DVD

    In this 85-minute teaching John Sandford reveals that our first warfare is with the mind of man - first to allow us to accomplish healing and second, to keep the...
    From $6.50
  • The God Who Won't Quit DVD

    In today's economy, and the state of our nation, we need a little encouragement. In this lesson you will be reminded of the Lords goodness and faithfulness. It may be...
    From $6.50
  • The Parables of Luke 15 - A Closer Look DVD

    Hear what it was the Pharisees were hearing when Jesus rebuked them with the parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15:1-7. Also, a lesson in the wedding customs of...
    From $6.50
  • The Relationship Series: DVD 1 - Getting to Know You

    Our Godly design is to be in relationship with others!  We are meant to create, enjoy, and sustain them.  In this disc one of Elijah House's "Relationship Series" John and Paula...
    From $6.50
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