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Sandra Selmer

Identity and Destiny DVD Package

Identity and Destiny DVD Package

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Veteran Prayer Minister Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing six lesson series! These lessons not only describe our perspective in the image of God; they also equip prayer counselors, pastoral counselors, human service professionals and chaplains to help others adjust perspective from being downtrodden by the world to our ordination as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. Included is an additional disk featuring a demonstration of how to minister and bless. The series was produced by House of Nacham in New Zealand and recorded by Elijah House Australia.  It is being distributed in North America by Elijah House USA. This DVD package includes the DVD set and one study guide — this series makes a great set of teachings for small groups! "Identity and Destiny" is an EH 100 Level Training Course.

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