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Healing Trauma Series - MP3

Healing Trauma Series - MP3

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Introducing the "Healing Trauma Series," an empowering journey crafted by Sandra Sellmer Kersten to guide you through the intricate pathways of healing from trauma. In a world where unseen wounds can deeply affect our lives, this comprehensive 12-part audio collection delves into the essence of trauma and offers profound insights to reclaim your vitality and purpose.

In this transformative series, Sandra's Sellmer Kersten's mission transcends mere surface healing; she aspires to equip individuals with the tools to effectively address and overcome trauma, unlocking the resilience and strength within each listener.

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and restoration with these illuminating teachings:

  • Disc 1: One Drop of Hope Left
  • Disc 2: The Many Faces of Trauma
  • Disc 3: The Devastating Effects of Trauma
  • Disc 5: How Trauma Affects Our Song
  • Disc 6: How We Get Stuck in Trauma
  • Disc 7: How A Stronghold Develops (and How to Dismantle It)
  • Disc 9: The Trauma of Neglect
  • Disc 10: Praying to Release Trauma
  • Disc 11: Corporate Prayer to Release Trauma
  • Disc 12: Enrichments 1, 2, and 3

While parts 4 and 8 are missing from this MP3 (pricing reflects this), the remaining segments provide invaluable insights into understanding, confronting, and ultimately overcoming trauma. Each session is meticulously designed to guide you towards rediscovering the resilient, empowered individual that you were always meant to be.

Enhance your experience with the optional companion Study Guide, available separately or as part of an enticing package deal.

"Healing Trauma" stands as an EH 100 Level Training Course, offering a comprehensive roadmap towards emotional healing and personal growth. Embark on this transformative journey today and reclaim your zest for life.

NOTE: This program is 10hrs and 30 mins long. File size is 606MB.

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