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Rob Morrissette

Generational Restoration: The Significance of Generational Influences

Generational Restoration: The Significance of Generational Influences

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Our genes are not the only thing we inherit from our ancestors.

Undoubtedly, we have all noticed certain themes, or patterns, that are unique to our family line. Perhaps we have seen the same in other families as well. What is perplexing is why certain negative patterns get passed on to subsequent generations, despite our efforts to get rid of them. This implies there is often a deeper reason for these family themes.

Generational Restoration by Rob Morrissette addresses the many aspects concerning generational issues. It provides ways to identify them, to work through them, and to bring about restoration. This book provides insights and applications to help you receive and apply God's healing to your family line. Included at the end of each chapter are questions for discussion and personal reflection, making this book useful for small groups or personal study. (Paperback, 158 pages)

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