My Life According to Socks

My Life According to Socks

This week, our receptionist, Sarah Greer, is our guest blogger.  She pulls open her sock drawer and shares with us what brings her joy! 


Black, white, and brown socks. 


The only kind I would wear as a teenager. I never wanted to stand out in any way or have anyone notice me, for fear of rejection. I was happy to fade into the background. 


And this held true, all the way down to the socks that I wore. 

As I got older, God began to heal me. He dealt with my fear of rejection as he touched the deeply wounded places in my heart. And it has been through the amazing work at Elijah House that I have discovered things about myself I didn’t know. 


Like my love for crazy socks! Cheeky sayings, wild colors, holiday specific socks, I love them all. They bring me so much joy and I wear them with abandon!

Feeling free to discover who I am without the fear of rejection is wonderful! And knowing that every little detail about me is important to him - even down to my socks - confirms his infinite love for me.  


God is in the details. He is into the details of YOU! What is it that makes you happy? Brings you joy? Who does he say YOU are?

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