It's Time for Hope Instead of Heaviness

It's Time for Hope Instead of Heaviness

It’s Time for HOPE Instead of Heaviness

by Bill Frisbie, Elijah House Spiritual Director 

Years ago an old prophet said to me, “Bill, the Lord Jesus will give His Spirit without measure to a people without mixture.”

That’s what we want—to be a people “without mixture.” The heart of the Lord is to deliver us completely so there isn’t a single part inside us that doesn’t look like Him.

Where there used to be darkness, there gets to be light instead. Godly
character—essentially, looking like Jesus—holds a high place in the Father’s heart. 

The Places Where We Have No Hope

The apostle John was known as one of the sons of thunder. He had some anger issues and, at one point in his walk with Jesus, he even wanted to burn down an entire town because the townsfolk rejected them. But by the time the New Testament reached completion, this guy was radically different.

He was now John the apostle of love. Jesus radically sanctified this man. He pulled out that old root of anger and transformed it.
In the very place of John’s struggle, Jesus opened up John’s passions for love and brought transformation. Today when we read what this man wrote, we can see on every page, “This is a man transformed. This is a guy who knows Jesus and how He loves other people.”

That’s what God wants to do with each of us. Whatever the issue is—anger, rebellion, fear, lust, shame—He can change it.

There is so much hope in our relationship with Jesus. Lives changed. Hearts
transformed. The real deal that lasts. 

Learning to Think With Hope

The Lord wants to teach us to think with hope in the areas where we believe lies.
When we were kids, many of us lost out on some of our childhood because we felt like we had to be the parent in our home. This is called parental inversion, and Elijah House has some beautiful teachings on this subject.

But some of us aren’t aware we need healing and freedom in this area. “Wait a minute. I thought it was my job to be a parent to my mom or dad. They couldn’t parent, so it naturally fell to me.”

The Lord gently replies, “That was never your job. Let Me relieve you of a burden you were never meant to carry.”

The outcome is a night-and-day difference between life and death. It’s amazing. We start to realize, “Oh my goodness. I believed a lie. For years I’ve lived this way, thinking these things—and it wasn’t true. What God has for me is better and stronger and more full of hope than anything I thought possible.”

That’s what God can do.

Trained to Think Jesus’ Way

As we’re healed, we come out of darkness—whatever that means for us, in our specific circumstances. We get the glorious opportunity to recapture the wonderment Jesus invites us to live in.

That’s part of what it means to have godly character: being able to hold the treasures of God in a clean vessel that looks like Him, without a “mixture” of anything else.

One powerful thing that’s helped me develop godly character is the Elijah House
schools. If He’s giving His Spirit without measure to a people without mixture, it’s good to understand the process by which He heals us and brings any “mixture” inside us to death, so we can be completely free.

Let’s go to Jesus and be transformed in His light.

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