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Elijah House

Grassroots Gratitude Digital Journal

Grassroots Gratitude Digital Journal

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NOTE: As this is a 'technical' product we ask that you read all of the information below BEFORE purchasing.

Embark on a 12-week healing journey with our Grassroots Gratitude digital journal, designed for transformative experiences. This isn't your typical checklist – it's a narrative of life-altering events. Coined "Grassroots," this journey touches the core, influencing hearts and sparking change.

Our gratitude-focused approach is backed by science and biblical wisdom. Experience the benefits – better sleep, stress reduction, and increased joy. As you engage in gratitude, you consciously partner with God's transformative work. The digital journal's Heart Work section guides you through recognition, renewal, and solidifying the Father's light and truth in your heart. Elevate your daily life with this catalyst for profound transformation. Welcome to a journey beyond the ordinary.

BONUS. Included is a 70+ sticker package for use with the GoodNotes PDF annotizer app (

Check out our Digital Products FAQ (which includes a step-by-step video on how install your digital journal in GoodNotes). Click here to purchase the original hardcover version of Grassroots Gratitude.

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The Grassroots Gratitude Digital Journal is crafted to seamlessly integrate with GoodNotes for optimal performance. While the planner is compatible with various PDF Annotation apps, it's important to note that differences in features among these apps may impact the intended functionality of this digital journal in certain instances. Explore the following popular apps, each offering unique advantages. Some are available for free, while others may require a subscription. Simply click on any app name to explore further on their website (NOTE. We do not offer support for these apps. You must contact their respective customer service for assistance).

iOSGoodNotes (recommended), Notability, PDF Expert, Noteshelf, Xodo, Evernote, ZoomNotesPDF Viewer, Foxit PDF, PDF Reader, Adobe Acrobat

Android: Noteshelf, Xodo, PDF Viewer, Foxit PDF, PDF Reader

Windows: Xodo, Foxit PDF, PDF ReaderAdobe Acrobat

Mac: GoodNotes (recommended), Notability, PDF Expert, Xodo, ZoomNotes, PDF Viewer, PDF ReaderAdobe Acrobat

This Digital Gratitude Journal Consists of 147 pages in PDF Format in the following size:
- US Letter size (8.5 x 11 in | 216 x 279 mm)


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  • Since this product is digital we are unable to accept returns or cancellations.
  • This purchase is strictly for non-commercial, personal use only.
  • You may not resell, reproduce, redistribute by electronic means or profit in any way from this journal.

Please note that colors may vary slightly if printed, due to monitor calibration settings, your printout settings and paper type.

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