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Elijah House

Grassroots Gratitude: A Journey Toward Real Inner Healing (JOURNAL ONLY)

Grassroots Gratitude: A Journey Toward Real Inner Healing (JOURNAL ONLY)

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Grassroots Gratitude is not your garden-variety journal. It’s not a formula consisting of lists of boxes to “check off” or random tasks to accomplish. What you will launch into is a journey composed of a series of life-changing events!

“Grassroots” is a word commonly associated with the beginning of profound movements of immense proportion that INFLUENCE and stir the hearts of many. And this journal is all about that — touching and healing the one heart (yours) that will influence the many.

When we are wounded in life, our heart makes decisions through which we reap the consequences of those decisions — in our relationships, and in our physical, psychological, and spiritual health. And THIS is why we put together this journal. To stop the reaping!

What you are going to do in this journal is 1) get to the root of WHY you are doing some of the things you do, and when you do THAT, 2) you’re going to EXPERIENCE a series of defining moments that will start a literal movement rolling in your life; one which will change you irrevocably. Forever. As you change and grow, it will change others around you. And it’s all done through the power of the cross and the process of sanctification and transformation (see for a more complete treatment of this topic).

Woven throughout these pages are tools designed to help you walk out real, lasting healing in your everyday life. Combined with lots of “you” space to understand and grow in intimacy with your OWN heart, you’ll be folded into DEEP intimacy with your Creator. You’ll get to the core — the grassroots — the TRUE beginnings of who you were ACTUALLY put on this earth to be!

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