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Elijah House

Gentle Soaking Prayer, Healing for Fear and Anxiety

Gentle Soaking Prayer, Healing for Fear and Anxiety

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This 30-minute audio prayer was especially developed by Elijah House Ministries Australia manager David Tensen for his own children as they battled with anxiety and fear. Since recording and releasing the prayer; adults and children alike have sent in stories and testimonies from all over the world of healing and relief from fear, stress, trauma and anxiety. Many are sleeping well and overcoming anxiety attacks. As a practicing prayer minister David knows the great value of having resources and wants to make this available to the wider public. The prayer includes soaking piano music in the background by Carla Reed.

The healing prayer covers these main areas:

1. Pre-natal wounding
2. Generational effects
3. Effects on the personal spirit
4. Effects on the mind and brain
5. Effects on the body

Adults who've had no prayer in this area may also really benefit from the prayer. The language is 'child' and not gender specific so it is suitable for boys and girls. We recommend playing it over children as they go to sleep or when they are asleep.

**Parents please listen to the audio yourself to be sure you are comfortable with the format, words and phrases. This is your duty of care if you purchase it for your children. Purchase mp3 or hear a sample at

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