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  • The Prophetic Intercessor: Releasing God's Purposes to Change Lives and Influence Nations

    In The Prophetic Intercessor, you are challenged to pray God’s promises and experience a whole new level of effectiveness in personal and corporate prayer. James shares from his personal life...
  • The Micaiah Company: A Prophetic Reformation

    Very often, authentic prophets carry a message that is not popular, even to the point of being a lone dissenting voice among a chorus of seemingly credible proclamations. Jeremiah Johnson...
  • Como Transformar el Hombre Interior

    Transforming the Inner Man forms the core of principles John and Paula Sandford have pioneered in the field of inner healing through their original books: Transformation of the Inner Man...
  • Relationship Series Study Guide

    This 14 page workbook is designed to accompany the Relationship Series DVD Set . It is free with the purchase of the video set, or can be purchased separately. The "Relationship...
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    Grassroots Gratitude: A Journey Toward Real Inner Healing (JOURNAL ONLY)

    Grassroots Gratitude: A Journey Toward Real Inner Healing (JOURNAL ONLY)

    Grassroots Gratitude is not your garden-variety journal. It’s not a formula consisting of lists of boxes to “check off” or random tasks to accomplish. What you will launch into is...
  • Transformation Journal & Coloring Book: Rejuvenate

    This Journal and coloring book is designed to rebuild, restore and inspire faith and hope in the hearts of men and women alike. This coloring book has been used successfully...
  • Purifying the Prophetic: Breaking Free from the Spirit of Self-Fulfilment

    The Western Church is slowly slipping away from her biblical moorings, warns prophetic pastor Loren Sandford. And by doing so she is sinking into a culture repelled by the demands...
  • Living with Dad

    By BETH SANDFORD. Have you ever felt cheated growing up without an earthly dad or in a situation where you didn't get to know him as well as you wanted?...
  • The Prophetic Church: Wielding the Power to Change the World

    In this book Loren Sandford provides powerful visions and real-life examples of what a healthy prophetic community looks like. He helps believers find their place in "lighthouse churches." In this...
  • Sanidad Para Las Emociones de la Mujer

    Paula Sandford es cofundadora de Elijah House Ministries. Durante los ultimos cincuenta anos, ha ministrado a un sinnumero de mujeres en las areas de sanidad interior y transformacion. Paula es...
  • La mision de Elias: Un Llamado a Todos Los Profestas e Intercesores

    La mision de Elias-El Espiritu Santo tiene mucho trabajo para que nosotros lo realicemos durante los dias postreros...y habra retos. Ya es hora de que los cristianos entiendan completamente el...
  • Introduccion a la Sanidad Interior

    Junto, Paula Sandford y Gerri Lynn Wilson introduce la aplicacion de Palabra de God`s a los lugares heridos, pecadores y roto en cada uno de nosotros.  Folleto. Que es la...
  • Oracion que toca las Raices: Como Enterner el Poder de la Siembra y la Cosecha

    Oracion que toca las racices brinda una perspectiva practica de por que algunos problemas molestos siguen ocurriendo a pesar de todos nuestros esfuerzos. Arroja luz sobre el papel significativo que...
  • Falling Into Heaven: A Skydiver's Gripping Account of Heaven, Healings, and Miracles

    Falling Into Heaven: A Skydiver’s Gripping Account of Heaven, Healings and Miracles Hardly anyone dies and is given a second chance to really live. Falling into Heaven is the true...
  • Como Nosotros Perdonamos (As We Forgive Those, Spanish Edition)

    In As We Forgive Those, author Charles Finck teaches us what it means to truly forgive. We can want to forgive, intend to forgive and even say the words, "I...
  • Prophetic Foundations Book Package

    For anyone wanting to explore the truth about authentic prophets and prophecy, these books present the fundamentals of the persons, skills, gifts and character required to walk as a spokesman...
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