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  • Restoring the Christian Family: A Biblical Guide to Love, Marriage, and Parenting in a Changing World

     In Restoring the Christian Family, John and Paula Sandford take serious looks at proper roles among men and women, husbands and wives. They describe healthy relationships between Fathers as...
  • Choosing Forgiveness

    Originally published in 1996, Choosing Forgiveness unveils a lifestyle of forgiveness that frees us from the bondage of personal woundings, and bitterness of heart. John and Paula Sandford, along with...
  • New Life for Your Adopted Child

    Drawn from Healing the Wounded Spirit, this powerful booklet is effectively used in secular and church settings around the world. Recently revised and updated. Booklet, 30 pages.
  • Into and Out of the Fog: Healing for Those with Dyslexia

    Through real-life stories, Paula Sandford shares several testimonies from people who, by Holy Spirit revelation, were led to freedom from spiritual rebellion and the difficulties of dyslexia and into an...
  • Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse: How to Counsel and Minister to Hearts Wounded by Abuse

    Very few authors have ventured into the territory of sexual abuse. Paula Sandford charges into the field with the fierce force of a mother who will not tolerate her children...
  • As We Forgive Those: How to Forgive Others, Ourselves and God

    In As We Forgive Those, author Charles Finck teaches us what it means to truly forgive. We can want to forgive, intend to forgive and even say the words, "I...
  • Overcoming Anger Study Guide and Journal

    Patterns of rage, explosive outbursts, and seething anger may seem like an insurmountable mountain that doesn't move or go away no matter how hard you try or how much you...
  • Pray Through It: Understanding the Power of Sowing and Reaping 2016 Edition

    Pray Through It, author Rob Morrissette provides practical insight into why some troublesome issues keep reoccurring despite all our efforts. It brings to light just how significant a role the...
  • Finding the Light and Easy Yoke

    Many people are in pain, often without understanding it, without knowing they are natural burden bearers. Unaware it's a great gift of love which allows them to feel and know...
  • Life Transformed: How to Renew Your Mind, Overcome Old Habits, and Become the Person God Designed You to Be

    Originally titled “The Renewal of the Mind,” Life Transformed outlines how to change your thinking, overcome old habits and become the person God designed you to be. John Loren Sandford...
  • Why Good People Mess Up: Keys to Upright Living in a Seductive World

    Why do even Christian leaders and faithful people fall into immorality - hurting husbands, wives, children and church members - those they love most? Why is it so easy to...
  • Identity: What it Means to be You (Book)

    What does it mean to be you? On the surface, this may seem like an odd question to ask yourself, but in her counseling profession, Kriss Mitchell, ND, M.Ed., has...
  • Identity and Destiny Seminar Study Guide

    Veteran Prayer Minister Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing six lesson series! These lessons not only describe our...
  • Highly Sensitive: Understanding Your Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity

    Highly Sensitive is a valuable companion piece to Carol Brown's previous book, The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity. This volume not only provides a precise summary of the topics covered in the...
  • The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity: Your Practical Guide to Responding to Burdens You Feel from God's Heart

    You are designed to touch God and the supernatural!The high sensitivity required to sense and feel what other people experience is what makes life painful - it also makes it...
  • Introduction to Inner Healing

    What is inner healing? Why do we need it? Is it Scriptural?Together, Paula Sandford and Gerri Lynn Wilson introduce the application of God`s Word to the wounded, sinful and broken...
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