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Choosing Forgiveness

Choosing Forgiveness

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Are you struggling with guilt? Bitterness? Resentment?

Your life doesn't need to stay this way! It is possible for it to completely change to one filled with wholeness and peace. Forgiveness is the ultimate coping mechanism for trauma, abuse, and wrongs suffered, and in forgiveness is the beautiful opportunity for hopeless situations to be redeemed.

A lifestyle of forgiveness sets people free from the bondage of personal woundings and bitterness of heart. John and Paula Sandford, along with Lee Bowman, reveal healthy ways to navigate the choice to forgive, which liberates people to face truth, embrace reality, and step into the peace of Jesus beyond their understanding. 

Choosing Forgiveness includes a 31-day devotional guide to help readers embrace forgiveness as a lifestyle in safe and productive ways. (Paperback, 200 pages)

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