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Elijah House

I Feel Everything! : Living in an Amplified World

I Feel Everything! : Living in an Amplified World

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Do you ever feel "slimed"?

Have you ever left a grocery store feeling like you are carrying way more than the items you purchased? You probably are!

Did you hear a baby crying, and three hours later you find yourself worrying if the baby is okay? Or did you hear a mom berating her child, and you wanted to jump over and rescue them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably a burden bearer. It is a GREAT gift—if you can learn to bear burdens rightly. If not, you may experience shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, and ongoing, nagging of concerns for some stranger you encountered hours or even days ago. All of this can happen because you are bearing burdens.

The good news is, those issues aren’t yours to carry. You don’t have to think about them endlessly or keep lugging them around with you. There’s another way to process your concerns. Paperback, 130 pages.

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