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  • Three Wolves Two Towers CD

    Defeating the Political and Religious Spirits by our Executive Director Robert Fetveit  This teaching was first presented as part of an Elijah House Conference called "Kingdom Warfare". Robert draws on...
  • Spiritual Warfare and Renewal of the Mind CD

    In this 85-minute teaching you`ll learn that our first warfare is with the mind of man -first to allow us to accomplish healing and second, to keep the healing. Learn...
  • Healing Trauma 2013 Audio CD Package Deal

    Sandra Sellmer-Kersten has effectively ministered this series of teachings in many parts of the world. It is now available as a set suitable for individual review and portable listening. This...
  • Parental Inversion and Substitute Mate - 201 School Lesson 20 (mp3)

    Parental inversion is defined as a reversal of roles - a parent takes on the child's role, and/or the child takes responsibility, usurping the parental role (usually unconsciously). Substitute mate...
  • Healing the Earth Seminar CD Set

    In this landmark seminar, John and Mark Sandford teach Christian principles for properly relating to nature and indeed bringing healing to the earth itself. John and Mark explain from the...
  • Performance Orientation - 201 School Lesson 19 (mp3)

    Performance orientation is an attitude of doing the right things for the wrong reasons - striving to win acceptance and love. In this lesson, learn where this striving comes from,...
  • Healing Shame Seminar CD Audio Package

    In this world-class six-lesson series, Sandra Sellmer-Kersten destroys the strongholds of shame! These lessons not only free individuals from the bondage of denial, roots of shame and rejection, and their...
  • Shame - 201 School Lesson 15 (mp3)

    Shame is a tool of Satan. It is the lie we believe about who we are! Guilt says, "I made a mistake." Shame says, "I AM a mistake."  In this...
  • Rightly Expressing Emotions - 201 School Lesson 12 (mp3)

    There is an old saying, "The truth shall set you free." And that is truth! In this lesson, learn why being real and speaking truthfully about our emotions is vital...
  • Accomplishing Forgiveness (The 3rd R) - 201 School Lesson 10 (mp3)

    The law of God mandates that we reap what we sow. When we sow forgiveness, we reap life! In this lesson, learn what forgiveness is and what it isn't, and...
  • Inner Vows - 201 School Lesson 4 (mp3)

    Inner vows are a type of bitter root. It's a promise or determination we make to ourselves to keep from ever being hurt again. We usually make this vow or...
  • Heart and Mind - 201 School Lesson 5 (mp3)

    We often hear, "Stop being a human doing; be a human being," or "Don't try so har - just BE!" But how do we do that? In this lesson, you...
  • Foundational Lies - 201 School Lesson 7 (mp3)

    A foundational lie is another type of bitter root. It is a message we believe about ourselves, others, God or life that does not agree with the truth of God's...
  • Unmet Needs - 201 School Lesson 14 (CD)

    Within each of us is a deep God-given longing for love and grace. That longing manifests as basic human needs. Every child needs to be valued unconditionally. From conception, parents...
  • Identity and Destiny Seminar CD Audio Package

    Veteran Prayer Minister Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing six lesson series! These lessons not only describe our...
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