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  • Unmet Needs - 201 School Lesson 14 (CD)

    Within each of us is a deep God-given longing for love and grace. That longing manifests as basic human needs. Every child needs to be valued unconditionally. From conception, parents...
  • The Training of Children CD

    "Papa John" came on a Friday morning to informally teach and share with the Elijah House staff.   In this teaching, John Sandford shares scriptures and wisdom on the importance of...
  • Lost and Found - Keys for Healing Rejection (mp3)

    This is a great life - changing lesson for EVERYONE to hear. Robert Fetveit's story of `Donna` is heart-gripping. Key elements for healing from rejection are shared in a powerful...
  • Ministry Tools 1: The Simplest Tools - 201 School Lesson 3 (mp3)

    Discover simple tools which can be learned quickly and applied where fruit and root are simple and straightforward. But first, before we deal with the issues, we must understand that...
  • Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry - 201 School Lesson 1 (mp3)

    How does your heart view the laws of God? From childhood fears and resentmentments of authority, do you feel like God's law is His vengeance? In this lesson, learn how...
  • Identity and Destiny Seminar CD Audio Package

    Veteran Prayer Minister Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing six lesson series! These lessons not only describe our...
  • Sealing Our Healing - 201 School Lesson 24 (mp3)

    When we receive inner healing, we can still experience old thoughts and patterns. Don't take that to mean that inner healing didn't work! Sometimes it's a matter of developing new habit...
  • Repentance and Restitution (The Second R) - 201 School Lesson 11 (mp3)

    Healing can be effective only if there is real repentance! In this lesson, learn what real repentance is, why prayer ministers MUST help people see their own motives, and why...
  • Ministry Tools 3: Interviewing - 201 School Lesson 9 (mp3)

    In this lesson, learn the importance of asking questions in prayer ministry! What to ask, how to ask, and when. This is the downloadable, mp3 version of the 201 School...
  • Ministry Tools 2: Following the Holy Spirit - 201 School Lesson 6 (mp3)

    Have you ever asked yourself, "Why don't I hear when God speaks?" In this lesson, you will: learn the ways in which God speaks; how you can tell if a...
  • Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies - 201 School Lesson 2 (CD)

    Through our roots, we draw either life or death. A root is a way of drinking from God, others, ourselves, and life. Just as we learn accents in speech, roots...
  • Grief CD

    In this 90-minute teaching by Mark Sandford, you will learn how to facilitate the grieving process in prayer, identifying the root issues that may have prevented appropriate grieving. (2 CD`s)...
  • How to be Holy Without Being Religious - CD

    John Sandford helps untangle the confusion over whose job it is to make us Christ-like and how to let it happen. You learn an important key that will enable you to...
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