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It's Not For Nothing (Grief) - CD

It's Not For Nothing (Grief) - CD

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In the aftermath of tribulation, distress, trauma, and death, we can do so much more than barely make it; We can OVERWHELMINGLY conquer through Him who loves us. ITS NOT FOR NOTHING! Sarah Compton speaks from her experience as Jesus walked her through the death of her husband. She found that there are redemptive purposes in our pain. Our resulting brokenness is unto something as well - knowing Jesus in "the fellowship of His sufferings" (Philippians 3:10) and knowing Him more intimately than is possible without it. Through Sarah`s loss, God has honed a tender and compassionate heart that brings others not only into wholeness, but into that kind of intimacy. What we have freely received, we can freely give away. The image of His Son truly can emerge from the ashes of our loss.  Sarah Compton - Transformed Hearts Ministries

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