The Power of One Praying Friend

The Power of One Praying Friend

By Bill Frisbie, Elijah House Spiritual Director

When Sue and I first got saved, we were part of a Free Methodist church that was filled with vibrant souls who knew the Holy Spirit in ways we had never heard of. Some of the old timers had prayer meetings where the glory cloud showed up. They would tell us about these things, and we were just amazed.

One of these precious older souls was a sweet woman named Dora B. Pillars, who was healed of “tooberalosis” (tuberculosis). She said, “Out of all the people in the church, there was only one woman who would believe with me and stand with me and pray with me and stay in this fight with me. And the Lord healed me, because she stuck with me in prayer and continued to cry out to God.” 

She wasn’t criticizing the others but highlighting how one person stayed in the fight with her. What a difference that one person makes!

If all you have in your fight is one person standing with you, be encouraged—God will do what He said.

If you are that one person for someone else, keep your eyes on what God told you. Let your faith rise up, because He knows what He’s doing, and He will not go back on His word. You are going to see Him do what He said.

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