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Kriss Mitchell

Identity: What it Means to be You - The Workbook

Identity: What it Means to be You - The Workbook

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Discover how the process of regaining identity often begins with listening to those things in your heart that you have been denying. This workbook reveals the three ways that you may be gifted and explains the importance of seeking your God-given purpose. 

In the appendix, you will find a thorough list of probing questions that, if you are honest with yourself when answering, will reveal inner truths and allow you to discover your true identity. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions about everything in your life—from your relationships to your career.

Throughout the workbook, Kriss has added space to record your answers to thought provoking questions and numerous journal activities which will deeply probe into what lies within your heart. So get your pencil and paper ready and let Identity: What It Means to Be You guide you through an inspirational exploration of what it means to be you. Your destiny awaits you!
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