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Healing Trauma Audio CD Package Deal

Healing Trauma Audio CD Package Deal

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Sandra Sellmer-Kersten has effectively ministered this series of teachings in many parts of the world. It is now available as a set suitable for individual review and portable listening. This package includes a study guide, 10 CD lessons and 2 DVD demos. Many people experience trauma every day. A sneaky thief of life's zest, trauma can sink into the soul and cause core wounding that is difficult to notice and describe, but which can affect a person's life far more severely than some physical wounds. In this series, Sandra's heart is to do more than put band-aids on people who are bleeding to death emotionally. She believes that we all need to learn how to minister to trauma. These teachings focus on helping people overcome trauma and discover who God always intended for them to be.

This set of teachings includes the following titles:

  • One Drop of Hope Left
  • The Many Faces of Trauma
  • The Devastating Effects of Trauma
  • How Trauma Affects Our Song
  • How We Get Stuck in Trauma
  • How A Stronghold Develops (and How to Dismantle It)
  • The Trauma of Neglect
  • Praying to Release Trauma
  • Corporate Prayer to Release Trauma
  • and a session in which Enrichments 1, 2 and 3 are discussed.

A companion Study Guide is included. The DVD version of this teaching package is listed under “Teachings on DVD.”  "Healing Trauma" is an EH 100 Level Training Course.

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