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Sandra Selmer

Healing Shame Series Study Guide

Healing Shame Series Study Guide

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This is the companion study guide to our Healing Shame series. 

Many people struggle with some level of shame in their lives. In this amazing series, Sandra Sellmer-Kersten destroys the strongholds of shame and rejection! This guide includes additional information, prayers, and references—with room for your own notes as you follow along in the lessons.

Available in both DVD and CD formats, the Healing Shame series not only helps individuals get free from shame and rejection, but it also equips prayer ministers, pastors, counselors, human service professionals, chaplains, and other professionals. Denial structures, roots of shame and rejection, strongholds, and the devastating effects of shame are tackled in this EH 100 level training course.

Produced by House of Nacham, recorded by Elijah House Australia, and distributed in North America by Elijah House USA. Healing Shame Study Guide only.
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