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Elijah House

Are You Feeling Stuck? : Captivity Is a Real Place

Are You Feeling Stuck? : Captivity Is a Real Place

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Do you feel like you have incredible talents, gifts, and promises that you can’t tap into?

Do you ever feel like you are called to do greater exploits than you're currently doing?

A spiritual phenomenon can actually BLOCK you and keep you from stepping into the fullness of your identity. This phenomenon is often called spiritual captivity.

As children, many of us unknowingly react to pain and trauma in a way that can lock us away from all things lovely. We may actually decide in our spirits that this world is too painful and untrustworthy, so we choose to escape. Unfortunately, the places we escape to are dark and dank, even when compared to this unjust world.

But there is a way out, and this book will show you the way. Don’t stay hidden any longer and miss out on a single second of who you are created to be.

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