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Transformation Series (4 Book Package)

Transformation Series (4 Book Package)

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Embark on a transformative journey through four compelling books that guide you toward personal growth and spiritual renewal. Discover the power of change by tapping into the transformative essence of the cross and resurrection. Unearth practical steps to overcome unresolved emotions and early life issues, leading to a life aligned with God's purpose. Navigate the impact of past relationships on your present, building healthy connections and fostering oneness in marriage. Overcome common Christian struggles by connecting with Jesus and embracing real, victorious living.

This series empowers you to heal your spirit, conquer obstacles, and unlock a life transformed by the principles of awakening, repairing, and restoring the spirit. Embark on a journey of true transformation with 'The Transformation Series' and redefine your narrative for a life of purpose and fulfillment.

This package offers you a 20% discount by purchasing all four books. You can purchase books individually at the regular price by clicking the following:

The Transformation series of books are required reading for Elijah House's School of Heart Healing Course 201. Transforming the Inner Man, God's Power to Change, Letting Go of Your Past, and Growing Pains.  For more information on our 10-week online schools, go to  In-person Facilitated Video Schools are also conducted in various locations around the United States. Click here to find a Facilitated School near you.
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