The Biblical Principle of ROARING

The Biblical Principle of ROARING


The Biblical Principle of ROARING

Mark Preissner

One day in the privacy of my car, I felt moved to ROAR in protest over some things my daughters were struggling with. So I roared for them. 

Admittedly, roaring is not natural for me, but alone in the car, I just used the word roar and yelled it as loudly as I could. And it genuinely sounded like a roar. 

When I stopped, I felt tingling all over my body. 

Heaven must have heard that roar because I later learned that my daughter felt her thoughts change at nearly the same time—they transformed from negative unbelief to positive faith.

The Lord Roars in Scripture

The next day I was journaling with the Father. When I asked Him about this experience, He replied, “Yes, Mark—it is a valiant war cry. The enemy shudders. It’s a little like what pulled the walls down at Jericho. We roar as well.”

That surprised me—that the Father roars too. I Googled Scriptures that had roaring in them:

Isaiah 42:13: “The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies.” (KJB)

Hosea 11:10: “They will follow the LORD; He will roar like a lion. When He roars, His children will come trembling from the west.” (HCSB)

Revelation 10:3: “Then he cried out in a loud voice like the roar of a lion.” (BSB)

Isaiah 31:4: “Like a lion roaring . . . it is not terrified . . . so the Lord of Hosts will come down to do battle.” (BSB)

Joel 3:16: “The Lord will roar from Zion . . . heaven and earth will tremble.” (BSB)

Amos 1:2: “The Lord roars from Zion and raises His voice.” (BSB)

Jeremiah 25:30: “The Lord shall roar from on high . . . he shall mightily roar upon his habitation.” (KJB)

Later I found a footnote in the Strong’s Concordance that said the Egyptian army took real lions into battle with them to cause fear in the enemy camp.

Roaring Shakes the Enemy’s Camp

The Father explained to me, “You felt all tingly because it [roaring] is a powerful tool that strengthens and emboldens weak vessels.” 

“So roaring strengthens us as well as brings victory?” I asked. 

“Yes, Mark. It shakes the enemy’s camp.” The Lord told me that roaring also shakes the enemy’s grip on those he’s taken prisoner. “It shakes him to the ground as the snake he is.”

Later on I shared this experience at a prayer meeting, and someone suggested we roar in unison. We did—and the roar was deafening! 

We then sang “I Raise a Hallelujah,” which appropriately talks about roaring our praises. My wife, Lisa, is a schoolteacher, and she shared that her kids really get into the song’s roaring! 

The praise of children, silencing the enemies of God (Ps. 8:2). 

Roaring Causes Heaven to Rejoice

The next morning I talked to the Father more about this topic. 

“The roaring last night was pretty cool!” I asked Him what He thought about it.

“Your roars reached heaven and we danced for joy,” He replied. “It pleases us when our children STAND against the enemy. Chains fell last night, not just in your group. Thank you for that!” 

I immediately thought of the Scripture where Jesus rejoiced/danced when He heard how His disciples trashed the enemy. He jumped for joy, which is the Greek meaning of rejoiced in Luke 10:21.

The Father told me, “Yes, you don’t realize how significant this is, and it brings us great joy!” 

“It made my voice box hoarse,” I said.

“Yes, Mark, but you recover quickly! Keep roaring!”

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I know there are a lot of scriptures in the Bible about God roaring, but are we susposed to roar? I know we shout
There is a teaching about going into other realms, I don’t see this in the Bible. IS this new age?

Elijah House:
Hi! Thank you for your question. Our roaring or shouting is a biblical principle. Not only does the Lord roar in Scripture, but He invited or sometimes directed people to do LOUD things as well. One example is the children of Israel at the walls of Jericho: “Shout with a great shout” (Josh. 6:5). Also, Psalm 32:11, Psalm 33:3, and Psalm 47:1 talk about worshipping Him with shouts. Strong’s Concordance describes certain Hebrew words for shouting as giving a ringing cry or splitting the ears. One word for “shout” can mean battle-cry. Roaring or shouting are prophetic proclamations or declarations, not unlike the blowing of the shofar.

Jean Bryant

Round the start of covid I woke up about 2am, and felt to pray about our finances. So I took our wallets and went to sit outside in the car to worship and pray as much as I wanted to since the family were all sleeping. While praying I felt to Roar. Since I was alone I roared. I have never heard of or even seen such a thing before but the ROAR was loud and felt like it came out of the core of my body. Then today during worship at church I started to sing the words ROAR over and over again. The words became louder and deeper and then I felt like positioning my feet slightly one back and one forward and then the loudest Roars came out. Out of my belly and yes, I too felt the tingly feeling afterwards. The worship was really loud so I hoped that not many really heard, except the people around me. I was wondering if anyone else ever experienced this, as I am not surrounded with any people talking about these things. So I came across this post, and many comments. Thank you all. I don’t understanding very much but one thing I know is that I love Jesus with everything in me. I love Him with every spec of me.


My God mother/Aunt been appearing to me in dreams and this one she was trying to get my attention I was standing looking back but she said come on you need to ROAR! and in front of me were all these children . It was a rehearsal. Like I needed to teach them maybe or roar for them but I remember I was to ROAR! I was told it meant praise. Thankyou so much your post makes sense. Yes Praise the Lord . I’ll be Roaring 🦁


I woke up today and the word that came to me was roar.I looked up the word and came across your commentary.I praised God.Then I listened to Lion.Great song.


I’ve got a miracle story, for my entire life from about 12 I have believed but not lived as a Christian. I’ve have been praying a lot over the last 6+ months during this time I’ve watched both my children become saved. I was at home down stairs by myself listening to the song LION – elevations worship by Chris brown and Brandon lake. I was playing it over and over 20+ times singing it trying to learn the words with my eyes closed. While I’m singing the loudest sound of a real lion roared in my living room it scared me at first I jumped and opened my eyes. God was singing with me and I have tried every day after to try and become a better Christian and servant for the Lord.


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