How Can I Keep My Heart Soft Toward God?

How Can I Keep My Heart Soft Toward God?


How Can I Keep My Heart Soft Toward God?
by Marjorie Desgrosseilliers

Is there an “easy” way to keep your heart soft toward God?

All of us know the frantic, pushing voice of chaos in our lives. This voice works
against softness of heart, and we can find ourselves distracted from the Lord. We
know we need to keep our eyes on Him—but how can we, when so much work
needs to be done around the house or at the office?

Here is one tiny truth that is slowly changing the way I rest in the Lord on a daily
basis. I hope it helps you like it’s helping me.

He’s Kind

I recently heard Johnny Enlow tell an interesting story about ministering in South
America. God did miracles on a town’s behalf, and Johnny asked Him, “But what
about repentance? They’ve got to do this and that first.”

But God stopped him and said, “Can’t I just be kind? Will you just let Me be

That’s His heart for you, and it is His heart for me. When we believe that God is
simply kind—and we believe this without trying to put rules on ourselves or
enforce a list of procedures—our heart will naturally find a softer place.

He’s kind to us because He’s kind, not because we follow all the rules and have
earned His kindness.

Do the riches of his extraordinary kindness make you take him for
granted and despise him? Haven’t you experienced how kind and
understanding he has been to you? Don’t mistake his tolerance for
acceptance. Do you realize that all the wealth of his extravagant
kindness is meant to melt your heart and lead you into repentance?
(Rom. 2:4 TPT)

God is the One who leads us to repentance. He’s the One who taps on the “door”
of our spirit (our conscience), and He will do it over and over and over again.

The Holy Spirit points out the things we need to address in our lives—we do not.
That’s the whole emphasis of Elijah House prayer ministry: It’s not about navel
gazing or sitting in shame or self-flagellation. God wants to bring us out of those
things, to heal us so we can walk in our true identity and be freed from lies we believe about ourselves, as well as any judgments or vows we made to protect

And He does it through kindness and love.

You’re Doing Better Than You Think!

I often get caught up in the swirl of everything that needs to be done, but then a
still, small Voice reminds me, “Marjorie, it’s not about you.” 

God, who is kind, has been quietly telling me lately, “You’re doing better than you
think you are.” 

And that’s where all of us need to stay—in that place, with those words: 
“___________ [your name], you’re doing better than you think you are.”

We don’t have to do all the things! Instead, we get to trust Him, and we get to
enjoy His kindness. Remembering the kindness of the Lord, and staying in that
place, will change the way we go about our day.

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