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Keys to Transformation STUDY GUIDE - EBOOK .EPUB (NOT KINDLE)

Keys to Transformation STUDY GUIDE - EBOOK .EPUB (NOT KINDLE)

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READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE...this ebook works in all readers EXCEPT Kindle!  You can purchase the Kindle ebook here.

Recommended reader apps for viewing this ePub file: desktop - Adobe Digital Editions; ipad - iBooks; other devices - Kobo.  PLEASE NOTE: ebook readers do NOT give you the option to print. [Note: Accompanying videos are not available at this time as they are being re-filmed. Watch our website for when they become available!] 

The .epub Keys to Transformation Study Guide is the student workbook that goes with the Elijah House seminar of the same name (  The Keys seminar contains 10 of the core life-changing teachings of Elijah House. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In the "How to Use This Study Guide" section of this guide, there is mention of a "companion book of the same title".  That companion book has not yet been published and - at this time - there has been no determination as to when (or if) that will happen. 

Keys to Transformation is an EH 100 series teaching.

Sessions include:

1. From Slavery to Sonship
Many of us go through life living like a slave instead of the SON or DAUGHTER we are! Learn how to come out of acting like a slave and live a Child of the Most High!

2. The Struggle Within
What we believe is what we become: “out of the heart...” Learn how to walk in the truth of who you are!

3. Shame-Talk
Shame can be imposed on us by others and even by ourselves. It colors how we look at things and becomes a structure through which we live. Learn how to dismantle it once and for all!

4. Fruit to Root
When we experience hurt growing up, we often make decisions in our hearts we think will protect us...and then we promptly forget we’ve made them. But they don’t go away. What happens is they manifest as negative patterns (or bitter fruit) in our lives that we cannot escape! Learn how to deal with these foundational issues and find true FREEDOM!

5. Basic Trust/Needs
Basic Trust is the first and foremost of developmental accomplishments, without it the succeeding lessons in our lives cannot be well learned. This failure to acquire basic trust affects us throughout our adult lives, impacting our ability to relate to God and others.

6. The Places We Run To
False refuges are what we do to take care of ourselves in our pain, instead of going to God. These can include things like drugs, food, sex, watching tv, and more. Learn how to break the bondage of those things once and for all!

7. Reconciling with God
When we are nurtured and cared for while growing up, we can trust fully from our hearts. If we aren't nurtured correctly, we cannot trust, and we set our own parameters on what love should look like. Learn what basic trust is and why it’s an important ingredient to walking in who we were really created to be. We are made in His image, but we live our lives according to how WE see him. Is it loving? Harsh? Ambivalent? Learn how to walk in your God-designed identity.

8. Forgiveness and Blessing
This important theme is found throughout the Bible. We often think that to forgive means we have to offer our forgiveness fully and completely, or all at once. The truth is, if all we have is just a little, teeny, tiny bit, God can do miracles with it! Discover the powerful simplicity of the cross.

9. Repentance and Restitution
This lesson all about the act of repentance, couple with what we need to do to make things right. Learn how to engage in a "you"-centered approach vs. a "me"-centered approach.

10. Choosing Life
Did you know that you can decide to come into agreement with death without realizing it? Here's how you can come OUT of that agreement! When we finally get healing, we all want to stay in that place, don’t we? Here's how!

Questions?  Contact us here at Elijah House - 208-900-9160 or

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