Grassroots Gratitude

A Journey Toward Real Inner Healing

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

No matter how you got here, if you have begun your #GrassrootsGratitude journey with our journal or your stumbled onto this page in another way, welcome! We are SO excited to walk alongside you as you journey toward ACTUAL, true healing. If you do have a journal, what you have in your hands is not your garden-variety (garden…get it?) gratitude journal. This is not a formula consisting of lists of boxes to “check off” or random tasks to accomplish. What you are about to launch into here is a journey composed of a series of life-changing events!

the grassroots gratitude movement

 We used the word “grassroots” in the title of this journal because it expresses what deep healing is all about. When we get to the root of something, we get to the origin of it – to the foundation or source of where something started. To the very beginning.

 “Grassroots” is a word commonly associated with the beginning of profound movements of immense proportion that start to INFLUENCE and stir the hearts of many. And this journal is all about that — touching and healing the one heart (yours) that will influence the many. And why gratitude? Science has proven that choosing to be in a place of gratitude brings many benefits physically and psychologically, including better sleep, stress reduction, lifting of depression, and increase of joy. 

  • Biblical Basis
  • Bitter Fruits
  • Bitter Root Judgements
  • Foundational Lies
  • Repentance and Restitution 

Inner healing isn’t fixing the self that is broken in order to restore it to its former functioning; it is bringing self to death on the cross so we can be resurrected into new life in Christ so the power of our flesh can no longer rule us. The cross of Christ, His shed blood, and His resurrection are the means to stop the sinful habits that plague our daily lives.

Please take the time to watch this video to hear more about the biblical basis of Elijah House Prayer Ministry.

**The password for this video is Spring 

A "Bitter Fruit" is a negative pattern in the present. From yelling at your loved ones to feeling hopeless, this can be any number of things. Usually, 'bitter fruit' are things that you have TRIED to stop doing and you may have even tasted freedom in but only to fall back into it once again after a time. In this lesson, learn how to find the bitter fruit and why it's important to fully understand it before going for the root! 

**The password for this video is Spring 

Judging others is not only a conscious act; judgments become lodged in our heart, repressed and unexpressed. Once formed, judgments reap negative results. Bitter roots defile, and can be the most powerful negative force in our lives, bringing destruction to ourselves and those around us. Only through repentance at the cross can they be removed. Watch this free lesson to learn more. 

Want to listen to the audio only? You can listen to the mp3 HERE! 

**The password for this video is Spring 

A foundational lie is another type of bitter root. It is a message we believe about ourselves, others, God or life that does not agree with the truth of God's Word, His character and His nature. In this lesson, you will learn what a foundational lie is and how we come to believe them, discover the lies that "silence our song," and how to break the power of those lies over your life! Foundational Lies usually sound like "I am" or "I am not" statements, ie "I am worthless" "I am not powerful" ect. 

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All the things

This page is designed to help you go deeper with your Grassroots Gratitude journey and the concepts that we walk about in the journal. This is by no means am "end all" that covers every topic completely. If you want to learn more about the principles and tools of Elijah House Ministries, please feel free to check out our training page at the link below! 

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