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What Does the Cross REALLY Mean to You? by Bill Frisbie

We reap what we sow...but here is the cross.

Many of us have a basic understanding of the cross, but we don’t necessarily know how to “apply” it. We don’t have a solid picture of what it does or how it works in our life.

What does the cross actually do

I want to offer a picture of the cross to help us see the amazing thing the Lord does for us every time we repent. Here is what the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ really means for us on a daily basis. 

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

As believers or unbelievers, all of us are subject to this law of God: We will reap what we sow. 

The world doesn’t understand God’s Word, but they know about this law and call it karma. People talk a lot about “good karma” or “bad karma.” They say, “He got what was coming to him. Instant karma.” 

I will not dignify karma here. It is not on par with the Word of God. However, the bottom line is Galatians 6:7–8. We will reap what we sow. This law cannot be mitigated. It is so intrinsically tied to God’s own identity that He says, “I will not be mocked in this. Your actions will result in something coming back to you.” 

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a person sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will reap destruction from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit. (NASB) 

Those who sow to the flesh—to their worldly passions and desires, carnal things—will reap corruption, but those who sow to the Spirit—to godly passions and desires—will reap a harvest of good things, which the apostle Paul calls eternal life. 

What does this particular law have to do with the cross and the beautiful redemption story God is still telling on the earth? 

How the Law of Sowing and Reaping Plays Out 

Many people sow seeds of sin and don’t realize it. 

We know better than to lie, cheat, steal, etc., but we don’t always recognize the power of our thought life and what we entertain there. 

In this case, “entertain” means to dwell on something or to accept it as truth. If we entertain a single thought that is out of harmony with God, that is also sin. Those thoughts are seeds, and we will eventually reap the crop we’ve planted. 

Let’s say that I have ungodly thoughts about a leader. I entertain these thoughts and hold strongly to my opinions about this person. “This guy is an idiot. He wouldn’t know a good decision even if it came up and shook his hand.” 

Or maybe my ungodly thoughts are about my spouse, my next-door neighbor, my boss, my employer, or my coworker. “This person is not as holy as I am.” Or “They can’t do anything right.” 

From the time I set myself to do wrong, I am sowing a seed. One day that seed will mature, and I will reap the full weight of what I have sown in unrighteousness. 

The Influence of the Holy Spirit 

The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin. We can’t get to that realization without Him. 

He is the One who brings awareness of my wrong thinking, and because of Him, I can recognize what’s going on. “Oh wow. The Lord doesn’t want me to think this way anymore!” 

When the realization comes, I can repent. “Spirit of God, I agree with You! I have not thought the best of my brother or sister in Christ. I have not thought the best about this person in authority over me. I’ve entertained thoughts that are aggressive and inappropriate toward them, and I repent. I see what I’ve done, and I grieve in my heart that I cast an aspersion on my brother or sister in Christ.” 

The Cross of Jesus 

So there I am—I have allowed ungodliness into my thinking. Scripture says I must now reap what I sow. 

That harvest is coming straight at me. It is bearing down upon me like a juggernaut. It is going to mow me down. 

But when the Holy Spirit makes me aware of my sin, and I repent, what would have slammed into me suddenly meets another force. 

Repentance allows the beautiful, ugly, hulking mass called the cross to come between me and the reaping of what I have planted. 

Thank God for the Holy Spirit, who makes me aware of my wrongdoing! The law of God remains in effect. I will reap what I’ve sown—but here is the cross. It absorbs the reaping, while I get to go free. 

He Saves Us From Reaping Our Sins 

The cross of Jesus Christ provides unlimited benefits to us. We don’t have to reap all the mistakes, all the willful sins, all the ungodly thoughts and actions we’ve sown. None of us are perfect—we can plant a lot of seeds that don’t resemble our Creator. 

But when we respond to the Holy Spirit and repent the way He directs us, our repentance brings the cross on the scene. God puts it in front of us, and His own cross absorbs our sin and everything we were due to reap. 

That reaping was going to slam into us head on. And now it isn’t. 

Scripture says the one who is free in Christ is free indeed. So let’s allow the cross to take up greater residence in our thoughts. Let’s adopt a deeper understanding of what Jesus did—what He is still doing for us to this day. We are free indeed because of Him.

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