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Standing Against the Enemy’s Plan for Our Kids


The other night, my 6-year-old granddaughter came up to me and whispered, “Grammy, I have a secret.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m afraid to tell you.”

“Well, it’s okay. You can tell me if you want to.”

She said quietly, “I’m useless.”

I looked at her in surprise. This precious little child loves Jesus. She is encouraging, kind, and all these other things. We had been talking about her special talent recently, because she was afraid she didn’t have one, and I knew she did.

“Honey,” I said, “where did you hear that?”

Her answer was very telling. “I’ve been hearing it in my mind for the last couple of days,” she said.

What a despicable thing, that the enemy would try to convince a small child she has no use in the world.

I later shared that conversation with one of my daughters-in-law who has older children. She replied, “For the last two months, in one way or another, every one of my children has come to me with feelings of lack of value and purpose.”

All four of her children are highly sensitive, and they, like my other little granddaughter, are picking up on what is going on around them. To one degree or another, they are feeling the enemy’s attack against children, young teens, and young adults. He is telling many of them, “You are useless.” 

Are your children feeling the same thing? 

What is the answer? What can we, the parents or grandparents, do to show our kids the truth?

What Is God Doing?

Over the last several weeks, my husband, Bill, and I have been through the wringer with illness. I’ve had a lot of time to ponder and pray as I’ve rested and tried to recover.

At one point, I thought, I’m so frustrated with this sickness! I’m so frustrated with everything going on in the nation—how it appears like a downhill spiral. I’m frustrated with how blatant evil is. They’re not sneaking around hiding anymore. It’s like they are saying, “We’re going to lie, and it doesn’t matter.” What am I going to do to fight the darkness and to fight this sickness?

I heard the Lord say to me, “Stand. Disregard what the darkness is doing. Disregard what the enemy is trying to do with your health. I want you to stand.”

He impressed on my heart that I simply needed to do the things He has told me to do or what He has set in front of me to do. And stand.

Obviously, this was a personal word for me, but I believe it is also a word for our children and the rest of the body of Christ. We need to get our eyes off the darkness and onto the Lord, do what He has given us to do, and keep standing.

How Does This Apply to Our Kids?

One way we can help our children stand against the darkness is by teaching them to listen to God, not to the enemy. 

When my granddaughter told me she was useless, I replied, “Honey, that’s not how God talks to us.” I gently prodded her: “Our heavenly Father doesn’t talk to us like that, does He?” 


“Then who spoke that to you?” 

She pointed down, clearly indicating the enemy. 

“That’s absolutely right,” I said. “So, you know what? We are going to choose to believe what God says and not what the enemy says to us.” 

Our children need to be encouraged. Many of them have sensitive hearts, and they don’t necessarily understand what they are feeling. We can help them understand what is happening: that part of what they are feeling is coming against them directly, but they are also picking up on what is going on in the world and what is coming against their friends and all the other children they know. They are not useless and have no value or purpose. That is not who they are, and it is not who God created them to be. 

We are not going to lie down and just accept the enemy’s plans for our kids. Nor are we going to accept his plans for us. We are going to stand. 

Standing Against the Waves 

Back in 2017, John Sandford gave a prophetic word that addressed much of what we see happening in the United States today. 

In one part of the word, he talked about how believers need to be like a promontory: a rocky outcropping capable of standing against the buffeting waves. 

I believe that is on God’s heart for us right now, especially during the first part of this year. We need to stand, do what He has told us to do, and not focus on the darkness and the violent pressures coming against us, trying to dissuade us from walking in the fullness of what God is saying. 

I said, “This far and no farther will you come.Here your proud waves must stop!” (Job 38:11 NLT) 

We know what He has said. We recognize His voice and know how He sounds as He speaks to us and to our children. We get to say, “No,” to the enemy and everything he throws at us, and we will stand firm in the midst of pounding waves.

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EDITOR's letter

On the hit television series The Chosen, there is a beautiful scene in season 2 with Mary Magdalene and Jesus. 

She feels ashamed after falling back into her old way of life and, standing there before Him, can’t bear to look at Him. Her head is down as she tries to speak to Him.

He says to her, “Look up.” 

The poignancy of that scene wrecks me every time I watch it. I literally feel myself under the lovingly safe and protective gaze of Jesus. He loves me and wants to protect me!

“Look up” is the answer to what is happening in the world right now. All of us need to learn how to look up at Jesus and not focus on the darkness. Looking up is how we keep standing when the darkness tries to take us out. It is also how we help our children and grandchildren as the enemy whispers lies to them.

As Sue Frisbie says in this month’s article, we learn how to stand by keeping our eyes on Jesus and disregarding the enemy’s noise. 

So let’s set our eyes on the Lord—because when we do, we will realize He is the only real and safe place for us to be.

BTW? I’m totally going to buy the “Look up” mug for sale in The Chosen store.


Director of Operations

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