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Healing Trauma Study Guide

Healing Trauma Study Guide

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This is the companion study guide to our Healing Trauma series, taught by Sandra Sellmer-Kersten.


Trauma can sink into the soul and cause core wounding that is difficult to notice and describe—but it can affect a person's life far more severely than some physical wounds. The Healing Trauma series does more than put bandages on people who are bleeding to death emotionally. It focuses on helping people overcome trauma and discover who God always intended them to be. We all need to learn how to minister to trauma. 


Available in both DVD and CD formats, the Healing Trauma series not only helps individuals get free from the painful effects of trauma, but it also equips prayer ministers, pastors, counselors, human service professionals, chaplains, and other professionals to minister to those dealing with trauma.


The study guide contains Sandra Sellmer-Kersten's bullet points, the Scripture references cited, ample space for personal notes, numerous sample prayers, and end notes, which reference sources for further study.


The DVDs or CDs are available to purchase separately. This is an EH 100-level training course. Paperback, 101 pages.
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