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Is There More? Resurrecting Communion

Is There More? Resurrecting Communion

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"I am indebted to John Sandford for spending three afternoons late in his life going this manuscript line by line! His fingerprints are all over this book - and it includes several experiences he had in the context of communion."  David Warnick

In this ground-breaking book, long-time pastor and scholar David Warnick presents a fresh look at what's become routine. Is There More? helps us remove superficiality from the way we engage in the Lord's Supper.  Warnick examines various aspects of communion and how we could practice it to make it a vital faith encounter.

"David Warnick, my friend of thirty years, a man of deep devotion and love for God; his communion in the Lord’s Supper will cause you to draw near to the Lord’s heart and be swept into the beauty of His righteousness. Read it and be blessed!" Lou Engle, Founder of The Call prayer movement and Azusa 2016, Co-founder The Send. Author: Digging the Wells of Revival and The Call of the Elijah Revolution

"Have you ever wondered if you're missing something when you receive communion? Have you felt like there's something more for you in the Lord's Supper? This book is for you. David Warnick does a masterful job of unfolding aspects of the Lord's purpose and heart when He instructed us to remember Him in this act. The stories and examples in this book will grow your passion for Jesus." Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer of Kansas City

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