What does it mean to be you? On the surface, this may seem like an odd question to ask yourself, but in her counseling profession, Kriss Mitchell, ND, M.Ed., has...


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What does it mean to be you? On the surface, this may seem like an odd question to ask yourself, but in her counseling profession, Kriss Mitchell, ND, M.Ed., has found that lack of identity is an epidemic in our culture. Not only are we being taught that our roles in society determine our value as human beings, but also that we are to be evaluated according to qualities such as how successful we are, what we look like, and how many people like us. Our culture actually erodes individuality by promoting the idea that there is a certain profile of the ideal person that we must all try to fit. Identity: What It Means to Be You challenges these societal norms, helping you realize that you have value from the moment you were born because you were created by God with it, and nothing can add or detract from that throughout your lifetime. This self-help book teaches that personal identity is God's unique blueprint of who you are and provides a path to finding out who you are by defining the strengths, skills, preferences, and opinions that set you apart from everyone else. These things will give you clues to discovering what unique purpose God put you here for. Drawing from her extensive experience as a professional counselor as well as her personal experience and beliefs, Kriss launches you on a journey toward identity with an insightful discussion about how our culture and our childhood experiences affect our personal perspectives, and goes on to discuss the power of belief. The book examines the question of "Who am I?" as part of the process of human development and talks about the importance of understanding the difference between who you are and what you do so you can move beyond the belief - taught to us all by today's society - that others have the right to determine your value. How does lost identity disconnect you from a true understanding of God? Identity: What It Means to Be You explains how it keeps you from the destiny you were created to achieve, providing a profile of someone who doesn't have identity that you can use to compare with yourself. Discover how the process of regaining identity often begins with listening to those things in your heart that you have been denying by looking at the examples of four biblical characters who illustrate how God puts a desire into your heart as a clue to your identity and purpose in life. Guiding you further along the path from lost identity to knowing who you are, the book also reveals the three ways that you may be gifted and explains the importance of seeking your God-given purpose. In the appendix, you will find a thorough list of probing questions that, if you are honest with yourself when answering, will reveal inner truths and allow you to discover your true identity. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions about everything in your life, from your relationships to your career. Throughout the book, suggested journal activities also prompt deep probing into what lies within your heart. So get your pencil and paper ready and let Identity: What It Means to Be You guide you through an inspirational exploration of what it means to be you. Your destiny awaits you! 77pages soft bound.
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