You DON’T Need to Be 100% Healed Before Walking in Your Destiny

by Rochelle Holben

Some of us are so aware of our brokenness that we have a hard time imagining how much God really wants to use us.  

Do you feel like you need to be fully healed before God can use you? What about MOSTLY healed?

Here are a few things to think about.

It’s Okay When Healing Takes a Long Time

I’m an exhorter, which means I love problem solving. 

“If you’ve got a problem, let’s just fix it! Right here and now. Let’s get you into prayer ministry—that’s exactly what you need!”

But lately I’ve been learning how healing is a process that works best in FAMILY. 

It isn’t enough to know what someone needs and encourage them into it. It’s far better for them to be healed as they live out their calling and relationship with God side by side with other people who are also in the process of healing—people who love them and understand what they’re going through. 

Family is a safe environment where we can really start to grow.

Even though I love the idea of sitting down and taking care of business, the healing process of God involves family and time. He created us to grow, develop, and heal in family, taking as much time as we need. 

If we’ve been in a serious car accident—and metaphorically speaking, that might be the case—it takes time to recover. Some of us might be learning how to walk again. 

Certain things that seem to come easily for other people can take a long time for someone who’s experienced deep trauma. 

But one of the beautiful things about Creator God is He isn’t offended by time. He is perfectly fine with extended periods of healing, recovery—long stretches of time when we’re growing. He doesn’t hold these things against us. In fact, He can use them for our benefit. 

God LOVES the Plans He Has for You!

If healing takes time, what about destiny?

“Oh no! What hope do I have of reaching the destiny God has for me if I’m still working on being healed? Does God use only healthy people? What about those of us who are still just a little broken?”

Creator God is telling a better story with you than you can understand or see. 

I was deeply broken when I first came to Elijah House. Though there’s a night-and-day difference between who I was then and who I am now, I am still in the process of healing. Every day I get to see a little more healing in my heart. The Creator sees me exactly where and how I am, and He is not scared of my bruises—the places where I’m still learning. 

We don’t have to wait until we’re in a “better place” before we start living out our destiny. 

No, God wants us right now. We get to live out our destiny and design every day, because that’s what sanctification and transformation are all about—forward movement. 

As we’re growing, healing, and doing what we do in family, we’re fully capable of living in the destiny God has for us. 

By Rochelle Holben 1 comment


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  • ROse

    You read my heart. Thank you. To be able to read the words of what I am feeling enlarges it & makes it more real, something to ponder on during this day & maybe many more especially at low times. But it’s not a low time for me this morning, I’m flying, my angel introduced herself to me this morning & she’s Irish. I don’t know how many misconceptions this covers but that is what”She “ said. Our Father has angels of all nationalities to cover His Children as the need so is the deed. God bless all who may happen to read this. May it be a balm to your soul if it is needed. Lotsa 💕

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