Something happened recently for Elijah House that took us completely by surprise. Something good—but not what we expected at all! 

In 1973 John and Paula Sandford met visitors around their kitchen table. That’s where Elijah House first started—in the comfort of their home. 

Several decades later, people are still being pulled out of their pain and into freedom through the message of Elijah House. 

We’ve grown a lot since those first beginning days, but the land where so many of us experienced the precious healing of God is dear to our hearts. Some of us were there for years due to the depth of healing we needed. I was truly broken when I came to Elijah House, but on the original property in Post Falls, Idaho, I began to realize who Jesus is, who I am as His daughter, and the amazing freedom He bought for me on the cross. 

As some of you know, we’ve been looking to purchase a building. A place where we can really expand and grow and start to see a greater fulfillment of the prophetic words we’ve received from the Lord. 

Guess what just happened? 

Elijah House is going home.

The Stories This Land Could Tell

Fourteen years after the sale of the original property, we have the opportunity to return to our first home in Post Falls. 

Oh, the stories this land could tell! Tens of thousands of people have prayed, sought radical breakthrough, listened to God, and been launched into their destiny there—I am one of them! Perhaps you are too. 

The other day some of us were trying to figure out exactly how many people came to that land to receive healing during an intensive week. Not the internship, not any of our training courses, not the schools—but just the five-day intensive. The number is greater than 20,000! Isn’t that crazy?

That land knows the healing grace of God in ways that other places do not.

Looking to the Future

Earlier this year when we talked about trying to purchase a building, we didn’t know about this property—it wasn’t even on our radar. But as we prepared to put offers on a few different places, we felt like the Lord was saying, “You’re just not thinking big enough. You’re not dreaming big enough.”

To make a long story short—there are actually several sweet stories wrapped up in this venture—the president of our board called the owner of the old EH property and asked if he’d be willing to sell the property. 

Come to find out, he was. 

We put in our offer and it was accepted. We are in escrow!

We’re ecstatic about what the future looks like for Elijah House. We have a host of amazing plans in the works—from a beautiful conference-type building we can rent out for events to a café where people can gather and grow as family. The land already has some rental properties on it, which means that once we get everything fixed up and ready to go, it will come very close to paying for itself. The property is a beautiful place that just needs to be developed.

Do You Want to Partner With Us? You Can! 

We want to ask you, as a friend of Elijah House, to partner with us because this land will be more than just office space for the ministry. 

We plan on building a gathering place for our family. This will be a home for people to come and not only be healed and learn about healing—but a place where they can play games and be a part of the community and family of Elijah House, walking out their journey alongside other people who love them and understand what they’re going through.

We’ll be releasing more information soon about what’s going on and how you can partner with us, but for now, we are asking if you would pray about becoming a monthly donor to EH. You can do that by clicking HERE and scrolling to the "give monthly" option! 

By Rochelle Holben 6 comment


comments (6)

  • Nanette Farnese

    “If the Lord is please with us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us—a land which flows with milk and honey” (Numbers 14:6) And this is the land. Thank you Lord.

  • Joan Beck

    How exciting this is! I was counseled there years ago & never forgot the peace & beauty of that property.

  • Joyce McLain

    Please let me know any further plans. I have hoped for years that you would have a permanent home.


    Yes Lord, we are with you.mi

  • T Freimund

    That is sacred ground! I am so excited you are returning “home” to Post Falls. May the Lord blessing you abundantly!

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