When we’ve been through trauma—a death in the family, a painful divorce, a grievous loss—the enemy often comes and tries to instill fear. Even after we’re healed, the fear might still be there. This doesn’t mean we weren’t healed, but there is a spiritual discipline involved in the aftermath of...

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    Believing in Jesus, God With Skin Adapted from Loving Jesus More by John Loren Sandford  The Lord is inviting you to believe a mystery—to simply believe it, even though it is hard to comprehend. In ancient Hebrew culture, a sheliach was a special servant, one who had been...

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Struggling With Fear? Learn to Ask Your Heart Questions by Sue FrisbieThe other day, I overheard our son coaxing our little granddaughter not to beafraid. “It’s okay to be scared,” he said, “but it can’t stop you from doing the thing youneed to do.” As I listened to him, I...

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