Seeing Yourself the Way God Made You

Seeing Yourself the Way God Made You

Seeing Yourself the Way God Made You

by Bill Frisbie, Elijah House Spiritual Advisor


When people go through heart healing, they are restored to who they really are.

That is what happened to Peter, and he received a new name. Up until Jesus renamed him, he had the wrong identity. His parents hadn’t seen him clearly. They had basically said, “Meh, you’re like a little stone in the shoe. You’re an irritant. You’re a problem.” 

But Jesus said, “Your mom and dad loved you, Pete, but they missed your identity. You are bedrock, dude. This is who you’re called to be.”

Healing means identities are shifted and names are changed. The “crud” of life that got dumped on us in our childhood starts to be washed off, cleared away by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He does this suddenly, and sometimes He does it more slowly, but no matter how He does it, we begin to see ourselves for who God made us to be.

A lot of people are more concerned with destiny than identity. “I need to know what my calling is! God, what do You want me to do? Just tell me!” 

But we don’t need to worry about destiny, because if we know who we are, we will get to our destiny easily. It will be like falling off a log. Obsessing over destiny never answers the question “Who am I?”

Paul wrote, “I want to lay hold of the very purpose for which Christ laid hold of me.” That’s the goal of healing: identity. Knowing who you are answers a host of other questions.

If you don’t know who you are, consider going through our Identity & Destiny Seminar. Veteran prayer counselor Sandra Sellmer Kersten teaches on your identity as a son or daughter of the King of Kings and what this means for you. This seminar will help you adjust your perspective, so you go from being downtrodden by the world—to being a glorious ambassador of God’s kingdom. Click here to learn more.

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Identify is a big concern I’m finding for all ages and the sooner children can get hold of the truth the healthier they will grow. Great article

Sandra Shantz

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