Living in Mystery
by Rochelle Holben

Is it easy for you to live in the realm of mystery? As the children of God, that’s what
we’re called to—a life of mystery, because He’s mysterious.
Creator God has placed our feet on a road that moves according to the Spirit. It can’t
be predicted or fully understood by human reasoning. So much of the Christian life
is a daily walking out of the unknown, where we don’t always hear His voice clearly
or understand Him perfectly.
In fact, sometimes it feels like He’s leading us through a divine maze—He has
ordained the way, yet the mystery is unveiling itself slowly. Piece by piece.
All of this is part of the exciting adventure of following Him and being led by the
Spirit of God. We’re “born of the Spirit,” which lets us know the mystery is going to
happen—and it’s a safe place for us.
The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not
know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is
born of the Spirit. (John 3:8 ESV)

Building on the Cornerstone

Jesus is the chief cornerstone in this mystery-driven life we’re building with the
To build well, we need to plant ourselves solidly on this cornerstone and use it as
our foundation when we see clearly and when we can’t see at all.
We might not have all the answers, and we might not know exactly what God is
doing—but the presence of the cornerstone means we’re secure.
The cornerstone also means we’re safe when we make mistakes along the way.
“Oh. I thought this was the way I needed to go, but I realize now I should have gone a different way.” Or “I know God is in this project! But apparently my timing is off. I
think He wants me to wait.”
As we try to follow the voice of God and wrap our heads around the mystery He’s
introducing to us, it’s okay when we step into something and later realize, “Wow.
This didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.”
Such things are permitted—and the adventure is still on.

What Has God Put on Your Heart?

What is the Spirit of God whispering to your heart these days? Is it to build a
business, get to know someone new, start a new ministry, write a book about your
walk with Him?
Don’t be afraid to chase after Him even if the way is yet unclear. He is a faithful
Guide in all new territory.
Shut off the things that are trying to keep you from hearing Him and what He wants
to do—and choose to get to know Him MORE, in the midst of the mystery.
Lean on the principles His Word teaches about who He is and what He does. Even
when you can’t feel or understand what He’s doing, never be afraid to rest on the
everlasting promise of the cross and the blood of Jesus.
The mystery is where we thrive. We were born here.
By Rochelle Holben 1 comment


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  • Dawn Lindsay

    I feel a bit like Abraham may have felt when God called him to leave his home & family for an unknown destination. Thank – you for such a comforting article in the midst of my mystery walk!

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