Let’s Get Ready for Something Incredible

Rochelle Holben 


The other morning, I had a dream about getting prepared for the amazing things God’s about to do.

In the dream I came to a gathering place (similar to a campground). There was a house on the property, and I walked into the house and realized that people were coming—lots of people—and they were hungry. 

“I’ll help,” I told those who worked there. “I’ll start serving.” 

But then I discovered nothing was ready. The water glasses didn’t match. The food wasn’t decent, and bugs were flying around. Nothing was in the right place. The people who worked there hadn’t taken care of anything or gotten themselves ready to serve those who were coming. 

The first people arrived and sat outside at a picnic table. As I talked with them, I realized, “I’m not going to be able to serve them.” 

So I went back into the house and said, “Get rid of this building. This is a waste. Burn it down. It’s no good and won’t do you any good. You haven’t done what you needed to do, and you could have done it, but now it’s almost too late.” 

I left the campground area and went around the corner to a big, open, warehouse-type bar and grill. I stood in that building, and by the unction of the Holy Spirit, I said, “The time is coming when the bars and the cafés and the grills will be filled with people seeking God, and God is going to show up.” 

That was the end of the dream. 

When I woke up, I felt a deep urgency inside me. “God, is Elijah House ready? Are we getting ourselves ready? Keep moving us in the right direction—because the house has to be ready.” 

Get Ready! 

I think the Lord is calling all of us, as His church, to prepare for what He’s about to do. But how do we prepare for a huge move of the Holy Spirit? What can we do? 

On a personal level, I think preparation looks like getting our lives right, walking in forgiveness and repentance, having a close relationship with the Lord, investing in deep friendships with other people, and growing in spiritual and emotional health. 

On a corporate level, I think it looks like practicing love and acceptance, speaking the truth from the pulpit, teaching people how to live, and helping them grow into a personal relationship with Jesus—because that’s what He wants. 

God is about to pour out His Spirit. I think we’ve already seen the first drops, but we’re about to see more—much more, in radical, glory-filled, amazing ways! 

God’s coming with His glory, and He’s going to fill the places that we never thought could be filled. 

7000 Reserved Ones 

Elijah House is named after the prophetic voice in the Old Testament. In a key part of Elijah’s story, he’s drowning in despair because he’s scared and feels completely alone. 

But the Lord draws close to him and tells him he isn’t alone at all. “I have reserved 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” 

I believe that’s what we’re about to see—thousands upon thousands of people who have been “hidden.” They’ve separated themselves from the darkness and the clutches of the world, but they have no idea what to do now. 

It’s time to call these people out of hiding the way Jesus called for Lazarus. It’s time to invite them forward and start to equip them. 

The people are about to show up! Let’s be ready for them when they get here. 

EMERGE: Elijah House’s New Prophetic Seminar 

One way Elijah House is preparing is by talking about the prophetic—teaching people how to hear the Lord’s voice for themselves. 

God is calling the body of Christ out of bondage. He wants to heal YOUR pain, and He’s calling YOUR name. He’s set you free, and He’s welcoming you on a journey toward true healing and identity. 

EMERGE is not a school only for those called to the office of prophet. This is for everybody—no matter your gifting, calling, or where you are in your journey. He wants to teach you and equip you to hear His voice for yourself, as well as for those around you. 

We’re so excited about this seminar! It’s part of our purpose as a ministry—to call people into their rightful identity, so they can partner with God and become world changers. 

Be Exactly Who You Are

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you’re proud of yourself or feel like a disaster—YOU have an anointing inside you that’s unique to you. This is the season for innovations, inventions, and the interpretation of dreams and visions. The rest of us need you to do what you were made to do. If you’re not here, we’re in trouble!

So let’s get ready! Let’s work together to see each other step into exactly who God made us to be—because He is about to do something incredible. 


Do you feel like you don’t know where to go next? It’s time—time for you to take your position as a son, daughter, intercessor, warrior, and/or prophet! To learn more about EMERGE: Elijah House’s New Prophetic Seminar, click here.

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  • Sherry Munroe

    Excellent article Rochelle! For the first time in quite a while I was interested in reading something someone wrote.
    I felt the life of Jesus in what you were saying, and it felt good. Resurrection is coming to those who have felt dead, done, disposed of… Our life is in Him.

  • Noel Taylor

    How will Emerge differ from or be similar to the Elijah House Prophetic Schools of 10 years ago?

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