Is God Tugging Your Heart Toward Holiness?

by Rochelle Holben

For some of us, holiness feels like an intimidating word because we think it comes with an extensive inventory of dos and don’ts.

“Okay, if I truly want to be holy, I’m going to have to do certain things and be a certain way—and I just don’t know if I have the energy right now.”

But this call to holiness in 2020 is the real thing and has nothing to do with all the rules religion loves. 

Religion has a lot of things to say about this sacred heart attitude it actually knows nothing about. Religion will try to give us a to-do list that stretches out the door. “Look, if you want to be holy, you’ll have to do all these things.”

But I believe God is calling us in this season to something simple and basic:

  1. To follow the cross and 
  2. To understand the revelation of the blood of Jesus Christ. 

We don’t have to make things complicated. In fact, this is a season when they shouldn’t be complicated! Creator God longs for a remnant of people who will throw their arms around holiness and embrace it as a way to worship Him.

There are two things holiness does well that some of us may not expect.

  1. Holiness Guards Its Words

Holiness walks hand in hand with humility and honor. It is willing to speak well of its brothers and sisters and treat them as the much-loved children of God they are—even when they stand in opposition toward what holiness is saying and doing.

Right now the world is tearing itself apart verbally. People are yelling and screaming and requiring others to believe a certain way or be condemned. 

But I strongly feel Creator God is calling His people to be different by embracing holiness. Good speech. Good words. Blessing, not cursing and threats. Open love in the midst of disagreement.

Even when we know we’re right, in this season we need to be careful of what we say to those who oppose us. We can let people know, “Your name is safe in my mouth. When I speak of you, it will be to undergird you and lift you up. You don’t ever need to be afraid that I will tear you down—in private or in front of others. I am genuinely a safe place for you.”

  1. Holiness Encourages Others Boldly

As part of this call to holiness, we’re invited to live and work side by side with our brothers and sisters in Christ, as a family knit together with the deepest love. 

At Elijah House, that’s the culture and mindset we’re after—we’re spurring each other on with humility and honor. We’re encouraging each other and the people around us to believe the best about others and not allow “dark speech” to cross the lips. 

I feel that’s God’s heart for 2020 and the rest of this season. 

If He’s been drawing you toward holiness, pay attention. This is a special call, one that’s dear to Him. 

By Rochelle Holben 1 comment


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  • Sylvie

    Thank you Rochelle for this very timely post.

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