How to Manage Your Emotions in a Crazy World!

How to Manage Your Emotions in a Crazy World!

How to Manage Your Emotions in a Crazy World!

By Carrie Irving

We live in a crazy, busy world! And things tend to come at us at the speed of light. How can we learn to manage our emotions even when everything seems out of control?

A couple of years ago I attended a women’s retreat, and the leader asked us to imagine Jesus coming into the room and sitting with us.

When I closed my eyes and invited Jesus into my space, I saw in my mind’s eye the two of us in a boat together. He was sitting in front of me, with His back to the waves, and I was sitting in the stern with my hand on the motor. I was staring out into the open sea, but He was staring at me.

When I looked at His face, I could see how happy He was. Just with His expression, it was like He was saying, “Woohoo! Adventure! We’re going places!” 
But His gaze was not on where we were going. It was like He already knew everything there was to know about our destination. I could see His countenance and the wind in His hair. He was so happy to be in this boat with me. 

Two years later I had the opportunity to apply that picture of Jesus in a totally unexpected way.

One day while I was driving, a car sideswiped me with enough force to flip my car onto its side. Completely out of control, I careened sideways down the street and saw a pole fast approaching me. If my car didn’t stop, I knew I was going to hit that pole.

As I shouted, I saw that picture again. Jesus in the boat with me. He had the same smooth, happy expression He’d had two years earlier. I could see His eyes, His smile, and that sense of “We’re in this together, Carrie.” 

And I knew I was going to be OK. I could see His face and He wasn’t concerned. He wasn’t freaking out. It was like this was just an adventure. 

It was NOT an adventure I would have chosen. But because He was in my boat, I knew I was going to be OK. And I was. 

All kinds of things come up in life to cause anxiety, anger, confusion, or doubt. But here’s the thing—Jesus has given me this place to keep going back to, where I can just focus on His face. When I see His eyes and His happy expression, I know I can let everything else go. “It’s going to be OK. Jesus is in the boat with me.”

Today, ask Jesus to come into your space and give you a picture of where He is and what His expression looks like. Then when you get stressed out or concerned, you have something to gaze on. You can see your Father’s face.

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