As you know, things are changing all over the world right now. How is Elijah House moving with God through this season and seeing His kingdom advance—even in the midst of crisis?? Here are some personal updates from the EH staff! 

Alison Smith, Media Mogul: 

Here at Elijah House, we’re beyond honored that we get to be a part of what God is doing right now, even across the airways of the internet. The God we serve is so much bigger than we know! 

Two weeks ago Elijah House USA held its very first webinar, Trauma Triage Summit. We gathered with hundreds of believers from around the globe to learn more about how to heal trauma. The best part was the powerful anointing and presence of the Most High God. He SHOWED UP to each home represented, and no one could deny the connection and unity we felt by the end. He transcended all the miles and met with each one of us and brought us all a little bit closer to one another’s hearts. 

At the end of day two, HUNDREDS of people stayed logged into the webinar for more than 20 minutes after it was over. It was like no one wanted to move or walk away from such a holy experience. We’ve received so many testimonies of how Holy Spirit healed hearts and transformed His children through these sessions. 

The next two sessions start TOMORROW: Monday, May 4, and Tuesday, May 5, at 2 p.m. PDT. We’ll join together again for a wonderful time of learning and ministry. If you would like to register, you still can HERE! 

Marjorie Desgrosseilliers, Training Evangelist:

Right now, Elijah House is undergoing a paradigm shift. If anything, this COVID-19 experience has shown us very clearly that sharing our message and teachings via online platforms is more important than ever. The Holy Spirit flows just as powerfully through the internet as He does in person! We recently got to see this firsthand.  

As Alison said, the first two installments of our new Trauma Triage Summit webinar were INCREDIBLE. The presence of the Lord just kept building throughout our time together. In fact, we tried to debrief on a separate video chat after the second session, and Holy Spirit was waiting for us there. We really TRIED to debrief, but all we could do was praise Him for about 45 minutes! 

God moves powerfully not only when we’re person to person—but also through phones and computer screens! 

In keeping with this new paradigm, and to meet increasing demand, Elijah House is pleased to announce that our 201 School of Prayer Ministry is now being offered as an online course! (The 202 will be available later this year.) For nine weeks, students will view three streaming videos per week on their own time, complete the accompanying homework, and participate in an online small group of three other students led by an Elijah House–trained small group leader. There will be a certificate and graduation ceremony as well.

The link will be live this coming Monday, May 4. We’ll offer it during the Trauma Triage Summit on May 4 and 5, and it will also be posted on EH’s Facebook and Instagram.


Becca Froese, Receptionist and Ministry Scheduler Extraordinaire:

As the scheduler for Elijah House, I get people set up for prayer ministry and answer a lot of questions. Probably the question I’m asked most often is, “What will it be like?” Truthfully, I never know exactly what will happen in anyone’s session, but I do know I can count on God’s longing to restore them to their true design of looking and walking like Jesus.

He does the heavy lifting of our healing and growth. He’s just looking for kids who say, “Yes!” It’s easy for me to pick out the prayer ministry clients who are “ripe.” They’re eager for healing, but even more than that, the sound of their heart and spirit is a resounding “Yes, Jesus. Yes, Jesus.” No matter what I’m working on, when I hear that sound step into the office, it immediately shifts my focus back to Jesus. It’s like my spirit perks up in agreement. Yes, Jesus! Do what You want to do. 

If your spirit is rising up with “Yes, Jesus!” and you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to receive prayer ministry, we would love to be a part of your journey. It is our honor and privilege to partner with you as you say yes to God’s restoration and change. Email us at to take the next step.

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  • Dee McKinney

    I have been asked to come on staff, at Northgate Alaska soon, to start a new Inner Healing ministry. I have been Elijah House prayer ministry with Sandra Selmer several years ago, and taken 101 & 201 Prayer Ministry series and was greatly impacted through all of them. I also have been part of a Vineyard church for years using a mic of Elijah House teachings in it. My questions are, do you have any updated video’s to use for training new team members? I have strong convictions that the Holy Spirit is the parter and teacher to real inner healing. So Elijah House has rich heritage providing tools for other ministries.

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