He Is Taking Care of You

He Is Taking Care of You

By Bill Frisbie, Elijah House Spiritual Director

When we really think about it, how preposterous that God would say to 8 billion people, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened down, and I will give you rest.”

How preposterous that somehow, through the Holy Spirit, He can simultaneously meet the needs of every single person who turns to Him, and there is no “server down time” or lack. Our needs are met in real time because God is faithful, and He is with us in the moment. 

Whenever fear sweeps over us, we can say with confidence, “No. God is aware of my need, and He is going to work this out for my good. The miracle will be easy for Him. Just watch.”

That is what God is like for you today. Whatever your concern, He is with you. His capacity in your life is so beyond your capacity to understand or even begin to sort out! He is completely aware of every need you have, and He is taking care of you.

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