Grassroots Gratitude

by Rochelle Holben

I recently sat down with a group of facilitators and friends of Elijah House to discuss plans and ideas for the future. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, and my gifting loves to get together with those of similar heart. In those settings I can feel my gifting grow. The water table of creativity seems to rise higher and higher with all of us grouped together, operating together. 

During the meeting, an idea popped into my head. I nearly mentioned it to the rest of the group, but I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Hold on to this one. Don’t pass that one along. I want you to do it.”

When I flew back to Coeur d’Alene, I brought the idea to our team. “I think we need to do a prayer journal,” I said.

That was the beginning of our newest product—something we absolutely love and can already see impacting people’s hearts.

Your Focus, Your Passion

As the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of counsel, the Holy Spirit is the best prayer minister of all time. 

Freedom is His nature, so He constantly desires to sit down and minister to us, healing our hearts and drawing us out of fear and shame and into His freedom. 

We are called to FIX our eyes on Jesus. He’s the author and perfecter of our faith, and He went to the cross because of joy. With similar joy, we get to leave all our shame and fear at the foot of the cross, where it belongs. 

We become more like Him as we look at Him—so looking at Him is the goal. This journal offers practical, simple ways we can let go of the “junk” of life and put our focus on Jesus instead. 

Healing for Families

One of our team members recently handed a copy of Grassroots Gratitude to her seven-year-old daughter. 

The journal opened up connection and healing for her little girl in ways she didn’t expect! Her daughter is processing hurts and wounds that occurred a few years ago and looking at the “bitter fruit” these things have caused in her life. She’s forgiving and repenting and getting to experience resurrection LIFE and truth. 

If this journal is affecting a seven-year-old this way—think about what it could do for you and your family members!


We came up with a hashtag for this journal because we believe it’s going to become a movement. We want believers and nonbelievers alike to be able to connect with one another and see what God’s doing. 

If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags, they’re a way you can “mark” posts on social media so those posts are grouped in the same online “basket” and can be easily found by people searching for them. You can hashtag any word you want, and usually there are hundreds or thousands of pictures or posts associated with that hashtag. 

When we looked up #grassrootsgratitude, we found only a handful of posts associated with it, which is unusual. And much to our surprise, the first post we pulled up included these words: “Thank you, Rochelle.” 

I cried, because I knew God was on this.

Help Others by Sharing Your Testimony 

When you click #grassrootsgratitude or write it in the search bar, you can read all the different things God is doing in the lives of other people who are going through the journal at the same time you are. 

Take pictures, write posts, and share the beautiful testimony of what God is doing in your life so people around the world will be encouraged! 

We look forward to seeing and reading the incredible testimonies of what God does in your life through this journal! May you connect with Him at a deeper level than ever, look at Him openly, and grasp firmly the special things He says and does over this 90-day adventure with Him. 

Don’t forget to include #grassrootsgratitude in your post or in the comment section, so you can join the movement and put on display the incredible things God is doing! 

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