God’s Voice in This Season

by Rochelle Holben

Last week I was in a hotel room waiting to catch a flight to the Philippines. I was headed to an Elijah House event we’d planned months earlier, and I was pretty excited about it. A resort on the beach? Yes, please.

But the night before my flight, I began to feel strongly that the Lord didn’t want me to go. 

It isn’t like me to hesitate before a flight. Uncertain of what I should do, I called some people to check in with them. My pastor and a few other leaders listened to my concerns and encouraged me to go to God for myself. What was He saying? Because that was what I needed to do, even if His leading was unexpected. Like not flying to the Philippines to attend this event.

“Rochelle, you’ve got to hear for yourself. Then we’ll come alongside you and we’ll follow what you’re hearing.”

Three hours after I canceled my flight, the airport in Manila closed. I wouldn’t have made it to my destination even if I’d tried.

Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself

As you know, the world is very different today than it was just a couple of weeks ago. 

Here at Elijah House, we felt it was important to reach out to you and remind you of a simple truth that is incredibly relevant for all of us right now. It is relevant for us as individuals, and it is relevant for us as nations coming together to fight against something we can’t see.

We’re surrounded by a sea of different voices. A lot of people are saying a lot of different things, and if we want to know the truth, there’s only one way to get it. We need to go before God ourselves and learn it from Him. 

I want to encourage you to be a voice, not an echo that merely repeats what other people have said. Go spend time with Jesus. Listen to His heart—what is He saying in the midst of this worldwide storm? How is He leading you? What has He put on your heart to do? Go do those things.

He Isn’t Surprised—He’s Prepared

Our God is not surprised by what’s happening right now. So hunker down in the shadow of His wings. Lean back into His presence and listen to Him. Whatever He’s telling you, believe Him and go live big. Don’t be afraid, and don’t hesitate to do what you know your Creator is telling you to do. 

We’ve been talking about reformation and revival. Now is a time to draw closer to God and listen to what His heart wants for you—what He created you for. 

You were designed for destiny, and even now, you get to live that destiny out. 

Connect With Other Believers

Don’t isolate yourself from other believers in this season. Instead, find creative ways to connect with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Over the internet, on the phone, in small groups in people’s homes—find a way to stand together with your spiritual family, talking about what God is doing and how He’s moving. 

This season doesn’t have to be what the world says it is. You and I are the children of God—the Creator who does impossible things. Take care of what you need to take care of, but don’t panic. Trust the Lord and what He’s saying to you. 

A Prayer to Remove Trauma

To remove trauma and fear, pray this prayer over yourself, your family, and your nation today:

Lord Jesus, please come as the Prince of Peace and establish Your dominion of peace over our families, homes, bodies, cities, and nation. Manifest Yourself in such a way that we know You’re here, that You’re in charge, and that You’ve always been in charge. Please show us how we were created and specifically designed for this time. We come into agreement with Your plans and desires and why You made us for this nation and this season.

Jesus, You are the King of kings and Lord of lords. Please rebuke every force of darkness that seeks to harm us or has tried to keep us locked in a prison of fear and trauma. We claim soundness of mind for ourselves, our families, friends, and nation. Hide us in the shadow of Your wings and break every assignment of trauma against us, our loved ones, and even the land itself. Please bind and send away every entity of darkness that’s been assigned to us, our nation, or government. 

Pour Your love and grace into our minds and bodies, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, remove any pain, trauma, shock, fear, terror, or shame stored in our physical cells. Restore our cells to perfection and bring us back into order. Heal us deeply, throughout our DNA, and heal our land. 

Please heal our immune systems and remove all toxins from our bodies. Cancel any and all effect they’ve had on us. Please sever all bonds of fear and trauma as well as unhealthy soul ties happening right now with us, our countrymen, those we love, and even our land and animals.

We appropriate right now everything You gave to us through the cross. We stand with You and say what You are saying over our families, nation, and government. Together with our brothers and sisters, we repent for all the things we’ve allowed to happen in our nation—things that were not for You, toward You, or with You—and we declare our need for You. 

Give us simple, practical wisdom for this season. Show us how to make our food supplies and toiletries go further than physically possible as we depend on You and help meet the needs of those around us. Sing Your song of love over us, and please bring everything within us and in our nation into agreement with Your song. 

Your Word says the glory of God will cover the earth, and we agree with this prophecy. We want everything You want for the earth—we say yes with all our hearts. Surround us with Your protection and love. In the name of Jesus, we come into agreement with Your ways, and we say yes and amen. 

By Rochelle Holben 2 comment


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  • Ruth McKeand

    Thank you for such a timely word! I saved the article and I’m sending it out to believers I’m linked with!

  • Susan Beemer

    Thank you for this prayer it puts my eyes where they need to be, on the power of Jesus word and blood.

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