Get Ready for the Next Outpouring
by Rochelle Holben

A few weeks ago, I dreamed I was standing on a battlefield. The dream was so clear that I could feel the armor I wore, especially my helmet and its strap running beneath my

In the dream, I knew I was about to help fight the battle of Ai.

The second battle, not the first.

The Consequences of Choosing Sin

When Israel defeated Jericho, God gave them a specific directive: “Do not take any of the plunder of Jericho for yourself.”

But one man decided to take some anyway, and consequently, the entire nation of Israel was defeated by Ai, a city that should have been simple to defeat. Israel lost 36 men.

Joshua went before God and asked, “What is going on? This defeat will mess with Your reputation and my reputation. Everybody knows about us and is afraid of us because we just won Jericho—but this defeat messed with our rep. Not only ours, but Yours.”

God replied, “Get up, Joshua. There’s sin in your camp, and that’s why you didn’t win. The land and the people have been defiled.”

One man’s sin affected the entire group. All of us need to understand the weight and consequence of choosing sin. When we cross that threshold of disobedience, we affect more than just ourselves. We are the body of Christ—we are corporate. Many of us have no clue how important it is to purify our lives and walk in a way that honors God. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of our fellow man.

God COMPLETELY Restores Us

Back in the 1970s, there was a huge move of God called the Jesus People Movement. I met the Lord at the end of this movement. People encountered Him, and overnight He set them free from heroin, pornography, and so many other things. A wave of new believers came rushing into the church.

But the church didn’t know what to do with them. They began to tell all these people, “You need to act and look different. You have to clean up first and do all these things.”

That was not the truth. They needed God—that’s what the church should have told them. “You know what you need now? You need to walk through sanctification and transformation. You need to know what it means to be a new person in Christ, and you need to let His truth transform you.”

You and I carry that message now. We understand it; we’ve lived it and walked it out.
We understand what the well-worn path to the cross looks like—simply, we stand on a trading floor with God. He takes what is filthy and ragged and gives us fresh, new robes.

The Coming Move of God

Today we stand on the precipice of the next huge move of God. We’re right here, at the Great Awakening. We’re going to see people come to know the Lord, and that’s why this message of sanctification and transformation are so important.

We’re shouting from every place, “Understand the message of the cross! Understand the message of the blood of Jesus—that there’s life and more life for mankind when you walk in His ways.”

As it was for Joshua and the rest of Israel, it is time for us to deal with the stuff in our houses that we’ve said was okay. Anything that doesn’t line up with Jesus needs to go. If it’s been set aside for destruction, we can no longer hold on to it.

The Father wants to restore His reputation on the earth. He wants us to introduce Him to the people who are coming—the massive wave of people who are about to show up. He desires to set them truly free and deliver them from darkness through inner healing.

At Elijah House, our whole call is to bring people back to their destiny and design, so they can fulfill everything they were put on this earth to be and do. To love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

We need to be ready. If we are not ready—whatever that means for us individually—let’s clean the house and get ready, because something amazing is knocking on the door.

By Rochelle Holben 1 comment


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  • ELlen Springer

    Thankyou for remaining faithful and allowing the real truth to be taught …This is huge .there are so many lies and snares and deception trying to trip us up..I pray you’all remain faithful to the end of time !!E

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