Five years ago, I spoke to the Elijah House board, including John Sandford, and shared what I sensed God wanted to do in the season to come. 

I’d felt for at least twenty years that God was going to release a move of transformation across all nations to the third generation after John and Paula Sandford. They were the pioneers, and many would come to harvest what they had planted.

That time is now.
I knew God wanted to release the culture of Elijah House—an amazing message of sanctification and transformation—to and through this generation. One of the places I sensed was Youth With a Mission in Kona, Hawaii. It would be the first fruit. John and Paula had ministered there many times. 

“OK,” John said. “I’m with you on this. I will agree with you.”

He wrote a letter of introduction for us as we prepared to visit and pray on the land. Accompanied by another couple, my husband and I hopped on a plane and spent a week on the YWAM base in Kona, where hundreds of kids were just about to be sent in teams all over the nation.
We knew they desperately needed the sanctification and transformation message so that they could walk in the freedom the Bible talks about—living in legitimacy and destiny. 
That was five years ago. Last week (at the end of July), the first Elijah House class took place on the Kona base. We are now seeing the fruition of something that began years ago!
Amazing things are happening here at Elijah House! And we need your prayers as we move forward.
Elijah House Isn’t an Inner Healing Movement.

Today inner healing is almost a fad, both in and out of the church. Though inner healing has its place in the church, we do not consider Elijah House to be an inner healing movement. 

As John Sandford wrote:

"The word healing seems to imply that something that formerly worked became broken, so we fix it. In our carnal thinking formed in the world, healing may yet mean “to restore something formerly good to working order again”—like a good car with some hidden flaw, which creates a malfunction until a mechanic discovers and fixes it. That’s fine. Good things need to be mended. But that analogy cannot be applied to the human soul . . . no structure in our flesh is to be patched up; every part is to be slain and reborn. The human soul is not in that sense to be mended. (Transforming the Inner Man, pp. 21–22)"

The message of sanctification and transformation is based on the simple principles set up in God’s Word:
  • If you judge bitterly, it will come back to you (Matt. 7:1–2).
  • Whatever you plant will grow (Gal. 6:7).
  • What is sown will increase (Hos. 8:7).
  • Honor your parents so you will have a good life (Ex. 20:12).

John Sandford explained this life-giving message this way:
"Sanctification is daily death and rebirth. Sanctification is that part of the maturation of the sons of God that proceeds by the Holy Spirit solely through the cross of Christ, borne individually! The end product of sanctification is not only a new person but also a clean one . . . Transformation is that process of death and rebirth whereby what was our weakness becomes our strength. Sanctification overcomes the power of canceled sin, but transformation turns the mess into glory . . . Transformation proceeds by brokenness. (pp. 17–18)"
The Elijah House principles are biblically based—we’re sharing Scripture with people, showing them how to come out of agreement with the enemy and step into abundant-life transformation. 
That’s it. It’s simple and beautiful, and it doesn’t involve navel-gazing. Much of the current inner healing movement is inwardly focused and asks, “What’s wrong with me?”

But we’re trying to invite people into sanctification and transformation, which is FORWARD MOVEMENT, accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit working deep in the heart. 
When we do see areas inside us that are still living in death, we can say, “I recognize this is a lack of life. Let’s do something about this so I can become the person I’m truly meant to be!”

We want to teach people to walk as leaders who influence this nation with the God-given destiny written on their hearts.
What Is God Doing With Elijah House Now?

Two weeks ago, we were in Los Angeles with one of our facilitators who works with a bunch of thirty-and-under young people. After going through the school, the youth are on fire about what Elijah House teaches.
“Why didn’t anyone tell us these principles are true?” they asked.
We’re on the brink of incredible breakthrough! It has already arrived, and we’re beginning to see a spectacular increase.
The rest of the staff and I can’t take credit for what’s happening because we know we didn’t plant this harvest. It was planted by many of YOU! We’re honoring the generations before us, the internationals, and all the previous administration—those who stood as guards and faithfully worked and persevered to release this message.
What Can You Do to Help?

Things are seriously about to kick off here at Elijah House, and we want to ask you for prayer. We’re about to be bigger than we’ve ever been, so we’re in great need of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
We also need financial support because we’re in the process of finding a building big enough to house everything we want to do: an internship program, a café, all the local CDA classes. Plus we want to have a meeting place available for all the teams who are going out and coming in to learn the Elijah House culture.
We will be launching a fundraising package very soon because we would like to have this building purchased in 120 days.
May God bless you abundantly for the way you have loved us and supported Elijah House through the years! You are part of the reason we’re about to see a huge harvest.
So above all, guard the affections of your heart,
for they affect all that you are. 
Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being,
for from there flows the wellspring of life. (Prov. 4:23 TPT)
By Rochelle Holben 7 comment


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  • Ginny Seymour

    I have written an allegory on transformation and deliverance with a forward by Paula Sanford. I thought you might like to see it. I knew the Sanfords about 40 years ago when the moved to CDA. It covers deliverance from broken marriages, bitterness, forgiveness, self-pity and suicide.

  • Lisa Beavers

    I was so glad to be apart of one of the schools in So. Cal and I know this is going to be moving quickly. I moved to Montana with such a fire to bring this to WhosoEver will come. Keep us posted on the development. YaY!!!

  • Heather Smith

    Yes, This sounds like we have been hearing for many years.
    I will commit to hold this up to the Lord daily.
    God Bless you,

  • Kathryn and Ronald Lund

    So excited for what God is doing and going to do through Elijah House with this generation! Lord, have Your way in this great harvest and glorify Your name in the earth like never before!!!

  • Laurel Stevens

    Hallelu Jah! This is wonderful.

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