Basic Trust: Building a Foundation with God

Basic Trust: Building a Foundation with God

By Sue Frisbie, Elijah House Spiritual Director


Pretty early in life, we learn we don’t always get what we want. This is true for us as children, and it might be even truer for us as adults.

But in the moments when our expectations are falling to pieces, we will likely sense the Lord asking us a very important question: “Will you trust Me?”

Will we keep trusting the Lord even if it looks like we might not get what we want?

Will we trust Him even when life is changing and we don’t know what in the world is happening?

All of us need to develop very basic, foundational trust in the Lord. Without it, we topple when hard times come and what we expected doesn’t happen. When we don’t know what is going on, we need to trust Him.

Revival happens when we don’t know what is happening. When life is hard and doesn’t make sense, that is when people come to Jesus. Many prophetic individuals are talking about the next big revival. Some are even calling it the Third Great Awakening. For people to come to Jesus, they often have to be desperate. If they are not desperate, a lot of them just won’t come.

“Lord, I can’t handle the way life is going right now, so I’m going to choose You. What I wanted and expected to happen is not happening, and I need You so badly!”

None of us get to short-circuit learning how to walk with the Lord and trust Him at a deep level. This kind of trust usually happens when things aren’t going how we thought they would! That is often His way.

Today God is doing something that is completely, and beautifully, beyond us. If we trust Him—even though we don’t understand, and life looks different than we expected—one day our heart will be satisfied with seeing His likeness (Ps. 17:15). We are about to see His goodness and salvation.

Eventually we will know what we don’t know now! But for now, we trust.

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